Welcome and introduce yourself - 2021

From Texas here. Don’t hold that against me, I’m not like everyone else around here. :wink: When I’m not helping people at work, I like to build, program, and fly racing drones (I just do it for fun, freestyle it’s called). My experience with the drones led me to want to learn more about the programming. I have spent the last few months refreshing my programming knowledge with python. It’s different from the C I learned back in the day, but I like it. I like to keep things fresh and work on several projects at once. It’s a nice brain break when I run into a challenge to be able to switch. So coding, GNU/Linux, and electronics are my current interests. With the depth of all three, I think I will be busy for a long time. I am currently reading two books for GNU/Linux, The linux command line, and How Linux works (I got this one from this forum). I am hoping to be able contribute more on here as I learn. With my new PC up and running with KDE, I am looking forward to learning. I would, of course, welcome any suggestions. Thanks for making such a great distro.


Hi All from Sydney, AU. I’ve been using Linux since 1995; Slackware was my first distro and always have had a box or laptop lying around running some flavour of Linux. Main staple were RPis to run my Kodi (nee xbmc) media center. On my third one of those.

When my Mint laptop gave up after years of fine service (it still runs in a pinch), I went for another Pi4. Raspbian did not offer a good desktop experience, so I switched to Manjaro xfce. Much better :slight_smile: . Then someone told me about this “minimalist window manager” called i3. I gave it a go and it was utterly useless :slight_smile: So useless I had to figure out how to work it…darn me always wanting to solve IT problems. Manjaro I3 is now my main distro and I’ve enjoyed making it work my way.

As an old hat who no longer programs, I still enjoy configuring, programming, and setting up systems. Just on my terms and not to any deadline.


Dude, i3 provides you with terminal on hitting ctrl+enter…

you can echo out a C line to text file, multiple ones, or commit some nano

with that you can write a fully functional interface, from most easily readable desktop manager ever seen.

Learning new shortcuts, IMO, is so much more preferable to pointing and clicking around - in the end it fits like a glove.

I use conky to help here - when I started using krohnkite tiling, I wrote the shortcuts in a text file and put it on the desktop as a conky.


I haven’t actually installed Manjaro yet, I plan to this weekend, but wanted to do my due diligence before taking the plunge. I’m actually only in my second week of Linux use after making decision to leave Apple Ecosystem after 16 years of devotion and investment. What pushed me were the events following the actions of “Big Tech” after January the 6th. My enthusiasm toward Apple had been waning since Tim Cook took the helm but I wanted to take my time on deciding on a new direction. I apologize if my positions bother others but I promise not to make them an issue. Long story short I left Microsoft/Windows behind in 2004 and will NEVER go back, to use Apple. The “Walled garden” didn’t bother me too much early on but has become IMHO tyrannical and so I found Linux. At present I’m running Fedora 33/KDE and love it, I intended from the start to learn in Fedora and then Migrate into the Arch world over time. Unfortunately I found out that Microsoft is a partner to RedHat and so I’m pushing up my timeline and going ahead with a move to Manjaro/KDE. I built a whole new machine a month ago just for my move to Linux as my Mac Mini was getting long in the tooth and it is awesome. Sorry I rambled, but I look forward to joining the community and learning/contributing as much as I can.



You definitely need to read this to get your :joy: back:

Title says Windows but change “Windows” to a fruity company whenever you read the word for the world you left behind 16 years ago…

:wink: :green_apple:



I started my computer experience as a kid with the D -os. After that (I think in '95), the W -os, many different versions, I :heart:ed them. Then I started using Linux on a netbook. I used the Z -os, the L -os, the M -os (not this one). Later I had to switch os on my main pc and had to say goodby to the trusted W -os (7), because the next version was not to my liking (I use it at work :weary:). I heard great things about the A -os and the :running_man:-os type in general. After some reading I decided to stick with this M -os (in 2019) and am a happy user since.

EDIT: M -os is not the one from that fruit that comes from a certain tree, but if you are a believer, you could think so, I don’t mind. Also, I said os where distro would possibly be a better naming (is W -os an os or distro :face_with_monocle: ?).


Hey guys, I’ve been using Ubuntu and it’s variants for a while. Decided to make the switch and love it so far even though it feels like I have no idea what I’m doing. You’ll probably see me around here pretty often because of that :upside_down_face:


Thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate it very much. I think it may be a bit easier for me going forward as I’ve been a computer outlaw from the get. My first computer(age 12) in 1982 was a Texas Instruments Ti 99/4a and I got it just as they were discontinuing production, so my world was already shrinking from the start. Taught myself to program in Basic and Extended Basic, but grew bored being what seemed to be, the last man on the island.

In High school I switched to Commodore 64, never learned any programing on it, but hacked several games to trade with friends. Loved “Raid over Bungling Bay” & “Raid over Moscow”.

After High school I bought a PC with Windows 3 and immdeiately ditched Windows and learned to manuever in DOS, which I loved. Since then I never liked Windows but just tolerated it until Millenium(Sucked loud). I struggled on till 2004 where I switched to Mac/Apple because they just work and that was enough for me.

I day trade now and so reliability is a must, but I won’t tolerate enfringing on my free speech, so Tim Cook sealed the deal for my Apple final goodbye. I now have a new machine that I built from scratch, Fractal Node 304, MSI Mini-ITX w/WiFi and Bluetooth, Intel i5, 32 RAM, dual 2 TB HDD. Ran perfect from first power up.


Imagine me switching from windows doing stupid things :upside_down_face:

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Hello, recent Manjaro user here from last year. I’ve been using second-hand low-ends for the past two decades jumping on different distros from Ubuntu, Linux Mint and now, Manjaro.

I’m currently using an ASUS FX505DT-HN657T which almost works flawlessly.


Hi. I’ve been using Ubuntu for the last few years and decided to try something different. I’ve learned a ton in just the last week installing things I need. I’ve compiled things from git, and learned a bunch of new commands.

I’ve always had kernel issues relating to the i915 driver, and installing a new OS has reminded me of that, so I think it’s time for me to learn to do proper kernel bug reports to help the community (and myself).

Excited to be here!


Hi :wave: i am a student of software… from egypt i use manjaro from 1 year


hi all
just starting out ( again ) with Linux , Ubuntu mate 18.04 . had 16.04 a few years back but never played with it did have manjaro installed on a lenovo LP but HD crashed so UM 18.04 went on new one . looking to install manjaro on another computer when it’s running but for now i have KDE on pine phone . i will be asking a lot of questions on this distro and others (as i play around ) .I’m a novice when it comes to anything computer wise so please go easy on me if i ask 2 or 3 time about the same thing. thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi all

I’ve used Ubuntu & Mint in the past due to disliking MS & Apple out of principle.

I installed Manjaro on my Lenovo Yoga laptop and have found it vastly superior to the aforementioned distros. Things work better. It’s cleaner. I love it.


My name is DOsbon

I spot a spelling mistake either in your chosen name or your post.


New manjaro user. I’ve used linux mint for about a year, and wanted to try something different. I just added manjaro, to my system alongside linux mint, and windows 10. But hope to replace it all with arch once I become familiar with manjaro.


Hello I am a Brazilian user who has been using manjaro since 2012, my name is Paulo Corrêa and I have a very bad English

Creto in the area


Hi people!

I’ve been using linux as my main driver for 10 years. It all started with me getting fed up by Microsoft and how they do things. I started looking elsewhere after finding my laptops getting slower sooner than i wished for and found a new and much longer life with Linux Mint. I had no interest in technology at the time and I found windows to be too “hard”. It complained all the time and kept nagging at me. I just needed windows to shut up and stop complaining and Im so happy I found peace with Linux. Its funny how Linux can be so complex and demanding and yet so easy and forgiving. It’s all up to you… Well most of the time at least.

I started getting some interest in technology after buying the Nintendo Switch in 2017 at launch. Since then I have opened the command line a couple of times wanting to learn but never found the mental peace to actually sit down and just play around with it.

And finally about a month ago something happened within me and I decided to actually learn. I sat down, switched from Linux Mint Mate to Manjaro KDE and looked up ryantutorials and the Linux command line, the book by William Shotts. Since then I have been playing around a bit, learning the basics.

Besides of hating on windows, why do I use Linux?

  • freedom of choice
  • Open source
  • community
  • security and privacy