Welcome and introduce yourself - 2021

Hello everyone!

I am Rachit from India and I’m a high school student. I’m also a hobbyist programmer and terminal enthusiast, which is part of the reason why I switched to Linux.

Windows was very limiting as an operating system and I think switching to Manjaro is the best decision I’ve made in a while!

I aim to be more active in the community and learn more about the core of Linux kernel.

I wish all of you a nice day!


Greetings everybody!

I’ve used Manjaro off and on for the past few years and decided it’s time to join the forum.

One reason I was drawn back to Manjaro (from Fedora) is because of how easy it was to install proprietary drivers on my first (and possibly last) laptop with hybrid graphics. With that and GPU switching out of the way, my second order of business is to get as comfortable with pacman as I am with yum/dnf. Another reason I regard Manjaro highly is for its excellent documentation combined with Arch docs which I think are some of the best.

Professionally I was a Windows NT network admin at one time which gives away my age. I’m old enough to recall configuring routers with dip switches. But the last thing I want to do is sound off about how old farts did stuff “back in the day”.

Most of my Linux knowledge comes from LAMP servers during the past 17-18 years. I’ve been using Linux on desktops and laptops for the last seven of those years. I’m no expert by any stretch and I’m fine with knowing I’ll always be a beginner. Once in a while, however, I may understand an issue enough to be helpful.

Congrats on Manjaro’s first 10 years and cheers to another 10!


Howdy from Texas!!!

Hello My name is Roy im new to linux i really like the system manjaro but im not use to linux i was hoping to lean how to command the terminal and eventually lean to develop i get into building circuit boards also that im also a beginner in and would love to learn but i was wondering if you or someone on here can point me into the right direction so i may learn what im hoping too


Hi all.
I’ve been using Manjaro for over a month, but new to the forum. Just glad to be in this amazing community! Have a good day everyone!!


This has been posted a few times in this category already and is worth your time:


Manjaro newbie here. I am a refugee from the Linux Mint 20.2 train wreck.


thank you so much but i seek to learn the basic fundamentals if you could help me see i dont know everything i need to for terminal and i would love to get to learn that first thing

This might help: [HowTo] become a Manjaro power user when you're a wizard at Windows but a N00b at Manjaro / Linux

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I’m discovering Manjaro after many year with Ubuntu. There’s some times I would like to give a try to a rolling. As I use Digikam regularly, I try to switch to KDE too.
Pardon my english if sometimes… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, I’m just french :baguette_bread: :wine_glass:



My Name is Florian Aust and iam 34 years old.
Iam from Germany, speaking German and english.
Iam running Linux on all of my devices since years.

My first contact to the rabbithole was around that time when kanotix was popular.

Archlinux is my absolute favorite base, a month ago i decided to give Manjaro a new try. (installed it a few years ago and decided to go back to Vanilla Arch.

I noticed all the advantages about other Archbased- and Vanilla arch distros, that Manjaro offers nowadays. I really like that now we have our own core, extra and community repositorys. The old model (additional xtended repo to Arch’s core) made me leave Manjaro.

Now at 2021 i really appreciate all the hard work, that you all made manjaro to what it is nowadays. So iam really happy with it (at least for now).

I have (little )programming, theming and packaging skills and really like the learningcurve, that manjaro now can offer, while giving the user the ability to just get things done.

That is (hopefully) enough introducing information.

Kind regards,



Hello from Belgium,
I’ve been trying to get on Linux every few years, but there has always been something pushing me back, be it bad support from nvidia drivers (hybrid graphics cards), lack of gaming, some tools that I need to use but can’t, or general difficulty to make things work as a beginner. Now it seems like most of those problems are solved or almost solved, so this is my latest try, and I believe I’m here to stay. Manjaro has been my distro of choice last time as well, I think it is well polished and the comunity seems super nice.


My name is Pascal Sancho, I’m 62.
my first computer: Tandy TRS80 mod III
my first programming device: HP 34C
I’m still working and I like my job, currently web developper, because nothing is definitive.
I like to get all up to date, so Manjaro is the right choice for me.



Hiya, I’ve been an on-and-off Linux user for many years now, though until recently I stuck with Ubuntu derivatives. Lately, I’ve been venturing out into other distros, mainly to learn more about the innards of Linux, though I’m really liking Manjaro and may make it my daily driver.


Greetings! Linux user since the floppy installer days and first time on an Arch distro. Got really tired of “releases” and having broken upgrades so I decided to go looking.

This is my second attempt at running Manjaro and I’ve already switched over to it full time. I’m still learning all the subtle differences but so far so good! Thanks all!

I’m a software engineer and architect for my profession and I work on home automation and microcontrollers for fun. Oh and sailing.


Long time(~95-97) windows user, and mediocre developer… My first touch to linux was around 2003-2005 and it was pure catastrophe, mostly terminal and crashy GUI’s. Next was around 2012-2013 with ubuntu, which I immediately hated it because of its design, windows 8 and 10 also. Continued using win7 for personal usage until 2018 when I start to experiment with different distros and a friend point me to manjaro. After a week of usadge, pleasure of smooth runnig system and rich libraries, I switch all my machines to it and never look back. Now when someone ask me what linux distro to choose, the first answer is always manjaro(not kiding).


I recently switched to Manjaro from Arch, because it is basically the same system but with less work, and I’m starting to be to old to spend a whole weekend just to get the basics working. I have used Linux for about 12 years now, I started of with Ubuntu 8.10 in 2009 and has barely touched a Windows machine since. I would not consider myself an expert, since I have a need to know approach to Linux, but I have over the years learned a thing or two about its inner workings. Currently I’m an PhD student in physics and use my computer mainly for writing simulation software in C, C++ and python and articles in LaTeX, but I also play games (mostly through steam and lutris) on it and use it for other forms of entertainment.


Hi all,
I’ve been using various Linux distros for the past dozen years or so - Ubuntu, Mint, Suse Tumbleweed and others. Currently Manjaro in the desktop and Mint 20.1 on laptops.
I’ve been in IT all my working life (apart for a short spell as an electrician) most recently as a Cyber security courseware author and trainer. I’m retired now and happily free from the stress of commuting.


Hello All, I’m Krish , DC fan
I’ve been using Manjaro over a year…i’ve been using it for development purposes…
I’m using many distros including arch(gaming(arcolinux), Debian, Solus
My first ever distro is ubuntu… then i faced many issues on driver support, then i switched to arch used it for a year, and then i noticed Manjaro and tried it… I’m fallin love with it… Now its my Main-System
i’m working on Manjaro for hours… Sometimes over a day or more on weekend :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I liked its stability…Enjoying the Simplicity of Manjaro…
My First Ever computer -Acer (Pentium)
My First Programming Device : HP laptop, I’m still using it…I’m running solus on that…(Thats My Brother, Buddy…etc…)
My Favourite:
DE: Gnome, Deepin, Enlightment
WM: Awesome and Sway

Kind Regards,


Developer looking to finally move away from Windows. Biggest hurdles for me is losing Visual Studio for WinForms/WPF & Some C++ apps that rely on that ecosystem. Outside of that, Android development seems very solid on Manjaro. Unity takes a bit of tweaking but seems decent enough. Gaming has been hit or miss but I’ve only used proton and proton GE w/Steam so far per protondb.

Looking forward to experiencing Manjaro.