Welcome and introduce yourself - 2020

Hello, I have dabbled with Ubuntu based distributions for over a decade, and went last year to a full time use of Linux mint on my machine. Last month I decided to try something different and install Manjaro Cinnamon. I already ran into a few problems, still trying to overcome them without having to shout for help here. Regrettably the crash of the old forum, makes researching for answers a bit harder.

I‘m looking forward to learn so much more about Manjaro.


Hi all,

I’m from Australia and while saying this is my second Manjaro forum would make it sound like I’ve been around a while. I’ve only been using Manjaro for just under a year.
In the past i have dabbled with many distros such as Ubuntu and the many other Debian based flavours. Trisquel, CentOS & Alpine. For everyday desktop usage, Manjaro was the one that removed my reliance on Windows and allowed me to comfortably match the switch.


Hi All,

I am using Manjaro for almost 6 years and I used the alias @walkingzen last time I was in forum. Currently, I am back in forum with new name. I hope I could contribute to this wonderful community better than what I could in last forum.

All the very best for new forum.


Hi all. Just installed Manjaro on my laptop and desktop and wanting to learn from this great community.
Greetings from Spain


Hello everybody !!!

Greetings from Rome!

I’ve been sticking around in the Linux world for a while.
My beginnings are dated some 15 years ago with some of the first releases of SuSE Linux. Liked it a lot at that time but not that much as to make the huge leap from Windows. Landed on MacOS while it was still a snappy OS and stayed there enough to witness the edification of the “walled garden” from within. I’ve even contributed for a while to the hackintosh community. Continued to use Linux in various flavours but always as a guest-OS in my VMs. Probably the only bare-metal Linux installation I consistently made use of for a long period has been Xen (or better…Citrix XenServer for 2-3 years).

So…why am I here then?

Well, basically for 2 reasons:

  1. I finally decided I had enough of the CrApple madness at OS level on my MacPros (2x 5.1)
  2. This time I’m willing to go down the Linux rabbit-hole deeper and deeper…till I eventually elect it as my primary OS on ALL my machines

In other words, I’m in the middle of my final transition to Linux: as we speak, Manjaro-KDE is installed on one MacPro while the other one is still running MacOS Mojave.


Salud from the world!!!
This is my second forum, my 22th year with linux, my 20th year with linux as first drive and my first with Manjaro.
I landed in Manjaro 'cause i couldn’t make my brand-new dual graphics amd/nvidia work with any debian based distro. I had been reading Manjaro/arch wikis some time as my next challenge but I had to change to Manjaro 'cause that problem. Like a very old son of win said, Vini Vidi Vinci and problem solved. After a couple weeks using Manjaro on my laptop I also changed my pc to Manjaro.
I am also user in manjaro’s telegram channels/groups (en/es) trying to learn/help all I can.
I’ll read you all guys around!!


Hi all.
I’m a Linux user from 2002 but I started using Manjaro-KDE only 2 months ago as main OS after many years of Debian-stable (and testing) on my laptop and desktop. I love KDE and now I wonna try something hot and rolling from my old box.



I’ve been using Manjaro for what, 5 years now I think?
Been on the old forums for just as long. My name was the same as on the old forum (I think). Unless I have an issue for which I’m looking for a fix, my online activity changes between reading up every day and no actively for months depending on my mood.

I’m a student software engineering, got huge interest in human-like AI and social human-computer interaction. I do some projects with businesses during my study and tend to have side jobs too. Since I follow an altered studyplan due to the lack of study for what I wanna do, I’ve been studying for too long, but at least it gives some time to get experience and extra skills before getting on the job market lol.

Otherwise I like playing games, modding games, messing with computer and other IT stuff just because, listening to music, drinking tea and watching Chinese palace drama (like 延禧攻略). I’m from The Netherlands, but if things go as planned, work might move me to Japan as they’re the biggest in my main field of interest. I speak Dutch, English, some German, some Japanese, and some Mandarin. I’m still actively working on improving the later two.

I once decided I should try Linux as it seemed a useful skill to learn. I did some research on different distributions their pros and cons and decided to try Manjaro. So one day I completely overwrote the Windows on my work laptop with Manjaro under the idea “now I have to learn how to use it, can’t just switch to Windows because it’s easier to use what you’re used to” and that’s quite an effective way of learning. I used Manjaro for school and work ever since. However, I’m far from a pro. I feel like a noob compared to some on the old forums, and undoubtly also some on the new forums.

Did have to use some others like Ubuntu, Debian and Kali for certain projects, but always liked Manjaro more as daily use OS. Powerful, easy to use and stable. Still using Windows 10 on my desktop for gaming, altrough I do play around and test getting my games to work on Manjaro every now and then. It’s improving, but not there yet to make a switch to 100% Linux only. Some of my favourites are TES 3, 4, 5, and Online, Divinity II: Ego Draconis, the Yakuza/龍が如くserries, and Dragon Age: Inquisition, but I played much more.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t really hate any OS, I can see pros and cons to pretty much any of them, but some are just not for me personally. Still, might be great for other users. We all have different usages and preferences after all.

Oh, and I like to use KDE and dark themes.

I think that’s all there is to say about me? But if there is something more you’ld like to know, feel free to ask.


Hi I’m Andy from the UK. Been on linux for 4 years now mainly on Mint. Made the switch to Manjaro a month ago and really enjoying it so far


Hi! I’m Sido, using Linux already 6 years now, from Kali to Debian to Ubuntu and almost 2 years on Manjaro.

Hi! to all of you !


Hi from Portugal …
As several have already replied: This is the third forum for me …

Distro hoped Linux since 1998, found Manjaro 0.8.3 some years ago and never looked back …

So lets keep rolling Manjaro community and present Devs …


Hello from Bangkok, Thailand! I thought I’d seize the opportunity to introduce myself on the new forums! On-and-off Linux user for the past 10 years, been very satisfied with Linux Mint in the past 5-6 years but was looking to widen my experience with Linux and wander outside of the Debian environement and I was also looking for less conservative / more cutting edge software and Arch/Manjaro seemed very interesting. Manjaro was the logical next step for me, as I’m not willing to devote the required time to build my OS from scratch with traditional Arch (My background is in International Affairs, and although I am a tech enthusiast, Manjaro represents the best of both worlds, allowing me to benefit from Arch/cutting edge kernels/software without having to invest so much time in building an Arch Linux system). I’m from Québec, Canada, but now live full-time in Thailand, where I joined a few Linux user communities, which is a great opportunity to develop new relationships with the people here.

Still struggling a little bit with KDE and some of its concepts (activities and weird widgets at least from where I’m coming from) as I was really comfortable with Cinnamon but Nemo was not well suited for my NAS/SMB shares, and it seems like KDE/Dolphin is much more customizable and better at managing my network situation with no memory leaks, so I’m trying to slowly but surely getting used to it. Really like the community here so far.

I have a few issues I need to solve in the upcoming months, especially regarding my hybrid Intel/Geforce GTX 860M graphics, since I can’t seem to run any game using Steam/Proton at the moment, and I’m forced to reboot into my old Windows 10 install (which I despise) when I want to game. Other than that, the transition from Debian/Ubuntu/Mint has been pretty easy, and I look forward to familiarize myself more with the Arch way and its community. Manjaro is a fascinating project and I hope I can get to fix most of my issues in the near future.



Hello everyone!

I touched a little of Mandriva and Debian back in the old days but never really got into it.
I’ve worked as a System Engineer several years, with Citrix and Windows environments. My job has recently (February) changed of area, no more computer science. As a technical geek, I felt a little bored during Covid19 lockdown. Oh? Why not trying Linux…?

My 9 years-old Dell has been a nightmare to run for ages, so slow to boot, so laggy… I’ve tested first Xubuntu, meh, then discovered Linux Mint Cinnamon. Cute. Liked also Ubuntu Budgie. Ohh new distro…

I fell in love with Manjaro Cinnamon and stopped my brief distro-hopping. I thought of trashing my laptop last year, it’s a new youth for it. After several months reading the former forum, I’ll wander in this new one.


Hi all,

Still considered myself a new user of Manjaro. Been using it exclusively on my production machine for less than a year. No other OS. It’s Linux exclusive. Manjaro only. Great experience so far. Lots to learn.

This is my 2nd chance to participate on Manjaro’s forum. I’m Jack from the previous one. That name was apparently unavailable on here. So, I’m Hax from here onward.

Looking forward to learn from you all and paying it forward when possible.



Hello everyone!

Formerly known as MonkeeCat. I figured, new forum, new avatar! This is my third forum as well. Hoping third time’s a charm, as others have expressed!

I’ve been a casual Linux user for more than 10 years now (could that be right?) and started using Manjaro several years back when I grew tired of Ubuntu flavors, had a brief layover with Tumbleweed but wanted to try an Arch based distro, so here I am. Also, the community has always been friendly and helpful here.

I binned an old slow netbook when the movement towards 64-bit Manjaro accelerated and my Ivy Bridge era Dell laptop took to Manjaro like a duck to water, although I did swap my wifi card from Broadcom to Intel, and my hard drive for an SSD, all for the better. I always enjoyed the idea of giving new life to older refurbished PCs on the cheap. This is the original KDE install on this machine and I have no plans to replace it anytime soon, still works great.

Looking forward to a long future using Manjaro. Cheers!


Hello everyone!

When I see such introductions in forums, I have to smile quite a bit. I imagine it’s like this in real life:

A circle of people all sharing the same fate:

Megavolt: Hello!

All: Hello, Megavolt!

Megavolt: I was in a cult.

One says: That’s good. Just let it out. We’re among friends.

Megavolt: I’ve been using Microsoft Windows and I’ve been totally out for six years. There were many relapses, but I knew: I’ll make it someday!

Another one says: We all have this experience. And each of us has his own story of suffering. Would you like to share a story with us?

Megavolt: I started when I was young and got a computer for my birthday. I didn’t know what Windows was, I just started the computer and thought that was it. At school I only had Windows.

Then we got internet in the house. I heard about OpenSuse and wanted to know more. It would take days to download! But I took it in hand and ran my PC for 3 days. My parents just complained and said: “What a power consumption! Turn off that stupid box and go play outside!” But I stood firm. After I burned the CD and started it, it took me 8 days to install it correctly! But then I felt this freedom! That feeling of having a system that’s not Windows after days of work! Indescribable!
I was laughed at, smiled at and excluded: “How dare you?” I was reproached again and again. At some point I gave in and started using Windows again. I couldn’t talk to any of my friends anymore. I was branded as a Linux user.

But when I moved out of my parents’ house, my decision was firm: I installed Ubuntu and became a loyal disciple of the liberal Linux community.

One of them said: It’s good that you shared the story with us. We are happy to welcome you into our midst. This will warn more people against using Windows. This sect of slavery should be avoided. And we’re all here to catch the frustrated and broken Windows users and give them a home. Does anyone else want to tell their story?

The story in dialogue is based on true facts. No one should feel attacked.


Awesome intro! :star_struck:


I’m Lucas, from Brazil and I’ve been using Manjaro XFCE for some days due to the many issues Windows 10 has and also due to the possibility of having total control over the OS :slight_smile:

I found out Manjaro after googling “lightweight Linux distros” and here I am, enjoying the OS a lot and also having a lot of questions to make :v

Welcome y’all :slight_smile:


WOW that was a waste of time Hi I’ve been a forum member for over 2 years but my account got deleted LOL I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why I couldn’t sign in. They should maybe put a notice on the login page that a bunch of accounts were closed to let you know you aren’t crazy.
Now to go figure out why the doohickey wont work on my install.