Welcome and introduce yourself - 2020

Hi! Nice to have you here!
With the new forum we took the opportunity to have a design change which is also meant to “limit” the number of new psots per user per second. That’s why we disable most categories which are prone to bikeshed discussions.
But we implemented also a #member-hub for trust level 2 users.


I wasn’t on the old forum for too long and didn’t know what happened to it when I went looking for help with an issue. I’m also looking for a good time to wipe my drive and re-install manjaro. I spent 2 years on ubuntu 18.04 and after trying many things got sick of the dependency issues as well as adding a PPA every time I wanted a particular piece of software. I like manjaro a lot more although I may try a RedHat based build for my laptop at some point. hopefully, you get some downtime soon!


Hi and nice to be here,

My name is Simon and I am from Sweden. 31 years old. I have never been especially interested in all things technical, or whatever you should call it. Last years I have been trying to learn some coding, and I am slowly open my eyes for this kind of world… In the last couple of days I have decided to try Linux for the first time. Main reason is that I am sick and tired of all the updates on my windows, how little control I have over my computer and that I don’t want to be dependent on bigger organizations. And also that one of my friend is propagating Linux.

I will probably have VERY basic/beginner questions. So basic questions you can’t even understand… Now I am even trying to understand the instructions on how to install manjaro for the first time according to the first step manual page. I am unsure if there are any kind of THAT basic instructions here on the forum, and I would be happy if somebody could redirect me there. Please tell me whether you would like to have very beginnery questions or not on the forum. It is very difficult for me to even get started since I know so little of the lingua, and I don’t even understand instructions, and I know so little so that I can’t really formulate any questions :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to more independence and to finally be computer literate, and to open my eyes to this new world, that probably will make my life easier, and my mind calmer.


Well, in that case, I can recommend the 5.4 LTS (Long Term Support) kernel: still updates but less than always being on the latest and greatest Linux kernel… :grin:

Start here:

Yes, if you read this too:



  • use plain English
  • avoid XY Problems
  • always, always, always provide an inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width even if you think it’s not needed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That depends on you: If you’re a tinkerer and like to install all kinds of themes, desktop environments, Bouncing icons, Wobbly windows, … you’re going to have less piece of mind!

:joy: :wink:

And last but not least:

:+1: Välkommen till Manjaro! :+1:


Enthusiasm is key! … And … Don’t Give Up! :wink:

Worth it though, if you like that! Not sure if they will be an immediate issue for newbies as AFAIK they are not enabled by default. :smile_cat:

Welcome to the Forum. :+1: Your English is spot on by the way … wish the same could be said for most native English speakers with other languages.


Hi, my name is Werner and I’m from Brazil, yes, my name is german and I live on Brazil, go figure, lol. Jokes aside I’m happy to be joning this forum, as I’m not currently a manjaro user, but soon I’ll be, and as I’m joining the forum I already started a thread about the do’s and don’t of installing manjaro on a Dell Inspiron 15 7567 A30P, since this laptop sold a lot on latin american countries I thought of creating a “hub” of “problems” and their solutions for those who are willing to migrate to linux to make it easier in the future to find this forum thread for solution to their problems.
Heres the Link if anyone wants to contribute Super Cool Linux Thread



I am Jimmy from Belgium. I am not new in this community and some of you might know me from the old forum or irc ( where I am an operator ).
I am not superactive on the forum but happy to be back in the new version.


Welcome back and great avatar!

Does that book actually exist or is that a Photoshop GIMP job?


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Photoshop … on Linux? :grin: … you must mean “a GIMP job” :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi. i’m Júlio i’ve moved to Manjaro past month cuz i was sick of Windows 10 being so unstable intrusive slow and bloated, it broke 2 laptops of mine forcing me to send them to technical support.

It’s been nearly a month that i’m in Manjaro but i’m loving it so far and i don’t want to ever return to Windows after what Microsoft did to Windows 10, i hope i can stay in Linux forever i’m basically starting over and i don’t plan in ever going back to what it was, i really don’t like Microsoft’s attitude and i think the company is going the wrong way relying on the insiders to test their product and not fixing what they should.

I’ve choose Manjaro because i’ve always heard so many good things about it, it’s stable fast easy to use very productive and customizable, what i like the most is that Manjaro is plain simple and just works.


Agreed and it’s also why I dumped it a few years back.

I never returned to Windows either (except for “amusement purposes” within Virtual Machines). Just too little control left available to the end-user and of course the (ongoing) expense of sofrware for that system.

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I’m glad i’m not the only one infuriated with Windows 10, i always loved Windows 7, it was so stable and easy to use i’ve never had any issues with Windows 7, but Windows 10 on the other hand is disgusting.

Microsoft plays with my personal data like a child’s toy, in 2014 they fired 18.000 employees plus the testers and thrown Windows 10 to us consumers test a perma beta product that’s in perpetual experimentation, after such horrible i despise this company and wanna see them burn down to the ground, i’m done with Microsoft and they won’t get anymore money from me.

Windows 7 was special to me, i loved it so much but this cursed company managed to ruin what i loved the most about Windows, someday they will pay dearly for such atrocity.

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Win7 was relatively stable, compared to previous versions, but was rather slow and did eventually fall over, in a state which I decided was beyond economical repair, even after quite careful maintenance from the outset, which in fact did allow the system to keep running for several years.

All I did was plug my scanner in. :roll_eyes: :roll_of_toilet_paper:

That is when I switched to Linux, initially Mint, which I’d been experimenting with for a short while beforehand (a matter of days at the most).

Never looked back! … :stuck_out_tongue: → MS Win10 ← :face_vomiting::innocent:


Hello, Manjaro guys and gals!

I switched, from Win 10, to Debian in March 2018. After a couple of months I switched to Manjaro and I’ve never looked back (or sideways). Started with the XFCE version but for the last year+ I’ve been on i3wm and LOVE it.

To me, as a non-Linux native, it has been a somewhat time-consuming challenge to get used to Linux. But it has been very rewarding. There are still loads that I don’t understand though. Hence I feel very grateful having this forum where I can ask for help.

A big thanks to all that do contribute, and a thanks to the Manjaro Team for driving Manjaro forward!


Hello everyone,

i am 50ish and started in computing in the early 90s.
My beginnings were with the C64. I never got a disk drive and instead had the cassette machine.
After, i got a Amiga 500 and later an A2000 with acceleration card.
At that time i actually had my own BBS system. An aspect that was really great in so many ways.
Then, in the late 90s i got into the PC.
And there it is.
Mostly a Windows user for the rest of my time. I still use Windows and the main reason is gaming. Though, today i do not game as much anymore.
My start with Linux i got in 97, i believe with Suse. Lots of stumbling blocks to overcome. I think my main problem was the internet. I did not get a connection.
I used mainly OpenSuse for awhile but had my start with Manjaro 2 releases back. At that time i had problems with my printer. This release solved that.
I have to say, that Manjaro is actually not hard to use.
Now, i set my self up with Alpine as my email and with that i have so many nostalgic feelings. I tried Mutt but to be honest, its complicated.
Now i just enjoy a working system. Thanks for this great distribution.

Currently i reside in California but i am originally from Germany.
I am also into turntables again. So i am personally going backwards i have to guess.
On top of that, i have 3 cats and married.

Thanks for reading


Hello everyone, I’m not new to Manjaro, my forum account vanished in unexplained circumstances. However, I’m pretty pleased to be here with you again!


Welcome back!

Seems you were gone for a longer time :wink: Check out this Welcome to the new Manjaro Forum to see what happened.


I everyone!
I’m new in this forum and I have not installed Manjaro in my pc yet.
For the moment only in a Virtual machine, I’m quite new with Linux and still testing, but i love it.
See you soon

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be honest, are they your cats-in-law?


Hi there,

I’ve toyed with Linux for the past number of years. Nowhere near an experienced user, but learning. Distro hopped for a long while and now have settled and a Manjaro base using mostly application Flatpaks. I like the current base and stability that Manjaro offers while liking the lower risk of software interactions causing issues by using Flatpaks. I’m trying to keep things simple from an upkeep standpoint for myself.

Glad to join the club!