Wayland stuck on max resolution

When on wayland, there is no option to change screen resolution - so its stuck on 4k which makes the animations laggy.
Its the same on gnome and kde - both nvidia and intel

I have the same problem since today. I can’t change the screen resolution neither in the settings menu nor with xrandr.

What do you mean you can’t change resolution.

Is the resolution list empty or does it simply not apply?

Sorry, I don’t mean to hijack this thread but for my part there is only the maximum resolution in the GUI settings menu. There is no dropdown appearing when I click on it.

Using gnome-randr.py (xrandr for wayland gnome) on the command line I get the following, although 2048x1152 was always my default resolution:

➜  ~ gnome-randr.py --current                      
max-screen-size: 0x0
layout-mode: logical
global-scale-required: no
supports-mirroring: yes
supports-changing-layout-mode: no

logical monitor 0:
x: 0 y: 0, scale: 1.0, rotation: normal, primary: yes
associated physical monitors:
	eDP-1 0x96a2

eDP-1 MEI 0x96a2 0x00000000
    2560x1440   60.00*+    48.00       [x1.0, x2.0+, x3.0]

➜  ~ gnome-randr.py --output eDP-1 --mode 2048x1152

! mode 2048x1152 not available for output eDP-1 !

new monitor configuration:
logical monitor 0:
x: 0 y: 0, scale: 1.0, rotation: normal, primary: yes
associated physical monitors:
	eDP-1 2560x1440@59.999565124511719

no changes made

I have the same problem.
The list is empty (it just shows current resolution, and no drowdown).

Same for me… nobody have a fix to this?

hello, I really need a fix for this… any idea where to try?

Workaround is probably to just use X11 for now.

as information, I tried wdisplays as recommended in reddit, and I get:

“compositor doesn’t support wlr-output-management-unstable-v1”

I would use x11 as a workaround, but firefox freezes each 2-3 min :((

quick update of this issue: I updated to the latest packages and problem is still there.
for now, I am workarounding the issue by timeshifting (x11 creates me more problems than solutions), but I hope this will fix eventually :confused:

Anything I can do to help (being just an user, not a power user?)

and yet another try, and problem is still there :frowning:

EDIT: Some more information. I am running manjaro in a thinkpad gen8, which has a Display controller Intel Corporation UHD Graphics

… and yet another update :slight_smile:
To see if this issue is fixed, I switched first to testing environment and then to unstable.

At unstable, displays were again correct, so I guess waiting until the updates arrive to stable is the way to go (or switch to unstable is you are like me and do can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue: )