Was trying to introduce myself in the proper sub but never could scroll to any button

Early sixties über fit gal living for wildlife gardening, retired special ed teacher, used to tinker with Audacity, Open Shot, GIMP, Inkscape, and html/php/mysql/javascript–high level scripting and no real programming or machine language, although I studied combinational logic, electronics, and PC troubleshooting and repair so proprietary anything is regression for me. I especially enjoy audio recording and editing to compose bizarre electronic music to drown out neighbourhood leaf blowers, garbage radio broadcasts, and post factory exhaust mods.

I had a bad patch for three days because an update corrupted an already wonky Plasma edition on the new Pinephone beyond rebooting, and right now my other machine is an improbable android tablet with cracks every which way and the only machine I could use to flash is my husband’s jangly old windoze 10, loose USB ports I can’t solder. But I flashed Posh on a recommendation of customer service and then we were cooking with gas. So I like Manjaro and bought a bigger device for it.

I am desperately seeking white papers for Manjaro or any arch based Linux distro that knows the meaning of one step at a time and shows real life examples. I taught myself CSS on w3schools because of the real life examples. I am Aspie, was a great special ed teacher being special ed myself, so if I can’t help you code, I can help you come back down to earth. Three cheers for open architects!

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