Was the 2023.08.29 Testing Update mistakenly pushed out to the Stable branch?

As you can read here, version 20230827-2 of the archlinux-appstream-data package was only just adopted from Arch into Manjaro Unstable on 2023.08.27, and then from there made its way into Manjaro Testing yesterday (2023.08.28).

Now, today (2023.08.29), there is apparently a Stable Update without a Stable Updates announcement thread. In and of itself, this is not such a worrisome event, given that the announcement threads may always be posted with a few hours of delay if this is more convenient for the developers, who are also only human.

However, according to the news section in octopi on the Stable branch, today’s Stable update would actually be a Testing Update. And this does indeed appear to unfortunately be the case, given that the problematic 20230827-2 version of the archlinux-appstream-data package — which causes a problem with both pamac-gtk3 and pamac-gtk — is part of this update.

If this archlinux-appstream-data package is the only one causing problems — probably not, but okay :roll_eyes: — then I would propose that people would temporarily add it to IgnorePkg in /etc/pacman.conf before updating, and that those who updated their systems before noticing the problem would downgrade to version 20230827-1 of the package again if they still have it in their package cache.

However, if possible, I would recommend simply pulling this update from the Stable branch again and rolling back to the previous content of the main Stable repo. It will then of course take quite a bit of time before all of the mirrors have synced again, but it would save a lot of people from unnecessary headaches — and especially so the ones who use the pamac GUI.



I think the stable update was almost ready, as the 2023-08-11 thread was closed ten hours ago (new thread expected).


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yes, i I guess a bad entry in database

not the first time, last time we had a pacman hook

for me this update is not an error : Manjaro 2023-08-29 Stable Update ($917) · Snippets · GitLab * and the latest testing announcements are ok


note, now, icons are in new path /usr/share/swcatalog/

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Yes, but playing devil’s advocate here for a moment, that could have been part of the same brain fart that caused a Testing update to end up in Stable. :man_shrugging:


If I’m wrong, then I’m sure somebody will soon slap me on the wrist (again). They always do. :worried: :roll_eyes:


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I mean even the push time window was fitting. Manjaro usually pushes between 15:00-18:00 GMT.

For all its worth, the update works fine here. Obviously the problem with pamac, but i even jumped directly into the 6.5 kernel and have been gaming on it for hours now without any issue.

Cat is out of the bag, no reason to go on a witch hunt.

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A witch hunt was definitely not what I had in mind — such is not my style anyway. I was merely posting this as an alert to the developers and as a warning for the members. :wink:


File appstream_file = File.new_for_path ("/usr/share/app-info/xmls/%s.xml.gz".printf (repo));

Now, appstream data is in /usr/share/swcatalog/xml

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That was exactly what i was thinking, after seeing now testing branch released just 2 days ago.

Im waiting with updating… thats for sure. I bet there was a mistake somewhere.

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I’ve updated just now, about 45 minutes ago, and everything seems to be working fine.

The KDE developers have also finally cleaned up a longstanding idiocy in dolphin, i.e. ever since about five years ago, dolphin has always shown an expand/collapse indicator in front of the folders in the side bar, whether these folders had subfolders or not. This is gone now, and only the folders with subfolders now have such an indicator for expanding the view. :+1:

The bug with one core always showing 100% due to mariadb is gone too now. :wink:


Exactly… our brains are working in synced today… That little bug showed more times up than i could handle it, so nice that this is fixed now :smiley:

But was this really 5 years long for u?

This bug didnt show up for my system in the first year or longer, i had this issue for around 1,5-2 years on my system… hmmm.

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Well, I’m not sure. It seems like five years. I seem to remember having seen it even back when I was running PCLinuxOS. :man_shrugging:

But it’s gone now. :slight_smile: :arrow_down:


The matter appears to have been solved now. I was wrong and it is indeed a Stable Update. :relieved:

I am therefore closing this thread. :wink:

Obligatory slap. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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