Want to try out Sway stuck on Live ISO boot

Sadly its not possible to boot the full ISO, not sure about the minimal

possibly related to wayland not supported in vmware

The manjaro-sway project states:

vmware player is known to cause problems similar to nouveau - you could use gnome boxes or virtualbox instead - refer to the arch wiki for pointers

That might be a reason. However starting the minimal ISO in virtmanager stalls out at the exact same point as @pheiduck so my conclusion is that this is could be a iso config error. Report it here: GitHub - Manjaro-Sway/manjaro-sway: 🚧 manjaro linux with wayland 🖼, sway 🌴 and a lot of ♥

It is likely not an ISO error - the ISO boots from bare metal - loading the Calamares installer immediately.

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Good to know that it boots on hardware :slight_smile:

Enabling 3D Accelaration solved this issue for me. Though Vmware is not going much further afterwards and Virutalbox breaks after first reboot.

I have the same issue on Virutalbox 7.0

  • Enable 3D Acceleration: The installation will pass the “Started Authorization Manager” message but nothing is happening afterwards → black screen.
  • Disable 3D Acceleration: The installation will not pass the “Started Authorization Manager” message.