VS Code Open File starts Nextcloud desktop client

I have a small annoyance here: In contrast to others whose nextcloud client won’t start at all, mine starts when I don’t want it to…
I am running the latest Manjaro with KDE Plasma (5.27.10). I have installed the Nextcloud desktop client (2:3.12.0-1) which is set to NOT start automatically.
I have also installed VS Code 1.86.1 (manually installed, not from AUR).
Whenever I use VSCode’s “Open File” dialog, this will also start the Nextcloud desktop client. I don’t want this to happen.
This also happens with some other programs, so far I have reliably identified the gnome-text-editor (45.3.1), but not with KDE apps. So I assume that this is not a VS Code issue.

Can anyone confirm this behaviour? And do you have any idea on how to turn it off?

You have tagged this with both Gnome and Plasma.

It is known to be a bad combination to have both desktop environments installed in tandem.

Both vscode and nextcloud client may expose themselves in the .desktop file to be able to open folders.

This is not a bug - but doing so may cause changes in ~/.config/mimeapps.list - unexpectedly prioritizing another app.

With plasma desktop you can change the priority - open system settings and search for file associations then open the inode entry in the list - then directory.

Actually I didn’t add the Gnome tag, this must have happened automatically upon mentioning the gnome-text-editor, which is the only installed Gnome application on my system and was installed only for testing this issue.
I will remove the Gnome tag to avoid misunderstandings.

Thanks for the suggestion. The inode->Directory tab only lists Dolphin, Kate, Gwenview and Filelight (in this order).
The nextcloud desktop app is only registered for *.nextcloud files (which I haven’t seen yet). I will test to disable this association.
Edit: No… this didn’t help.

From the the repo - right ?

As an unpacked archive into your home folder ?

This is likely an issue with VSCode’s internal dialog - but I cannot guess why …

Yes. The Nextcloud desktop client is installed from the official repositories.

VS Code is manually unpacked from the downloaded tar.gz archive and should not have any desktop integration at all (only ever started via commandline).

The gnome-text-editor appears to have the same issue then but possibly for different reasons.

Edit: I have found one more application for which this happens, namely “audacity” (also installed from official repos). So this might be related to using non-KDE file dialogs.

Visual Studio Code depends on GTK3 - when installed from the repo - Gnome Text Editor is GTK4.

I cannot say if this has any bearing - I understand it can be annoying but I have no answer - but I would not install Gnome Text Editor on Plasma anyway.

I am left to specualte

  • could it be a bug with GTK ?
  • do you have xdg-desktop-portal-kde installed ?

That is just a couple of ideas … otherwise I am blank

xdg-desktop-portal-kde is installed, obviously as a dependency for manjaro-kde-settings.
gnome-text-editor was installed only for testing pruposes for this specific issue, because I wanted to confirm if this happens only with non-KDE file dialogs.
So this is obviously an issue with GTK file dialogs (VSCode, gnome-text-editor and audacity all use GTK*). I will file a bug report there.
Thanks for your help.

I don’t think it is an issue with the gtk file dialog - it is likely the nextcloud client which is being triggered by a specific dbus event which in turn triggers opening the clients login dialog.

If you open qt qdbusviewer then in firefox do Altfo then on the session bus a service com.nextcloudgmb.Nextcloud will pop up.

And it is next to impossible to get rid of until you close the gtk application which caused to load in the first place.

Yes. You are right, specifically “libcloudproviders” which both GTK3/4 and the nextcloud-client depend on. I have come to the same conclusion as you. As long as I have packages that rely on libcloudproviders and/or GTK, there is no way to get rid of it. After all, even Firefox depends on GTK3.

At least this thread lead me to the right search strings to know that I am not alone
Nextcloud Client bug report
I will continue complaining there. :slight_smile:

The nextcloud-client registers a service in

 $ cat /usr/share/dbus-1/services/com.nextcloudgmbh.Nextcloud.service
[D-BUS Service]
Exec=/usr/bin/nextcloud --background

I do not know what is listening for - obviously a gtk application requesting a file dialog is enough :grin:

So the best venue of bugging a developer might be upstream nextcloud client.

This may be the best way to [disable a named dbus service]

I have disabled this DBUS service and can confirm that the nextcloud-client does not start automatically anymore. Since even syncing does still work (after starting the client manually) I still have to find advantages.
Thanks a lot @linux-aarhus

Whoa! I asked about a similar problem weeks ago here: Opening mugshot also opens Nextcloud?

Thank you for this pointer. In the other thread I asked if this might be a D-BUS related issue, and lo it is!

And thanks, @grmpf, for your posting at the Nextcloud Client bug report!

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