Opening mugshot also opens Nextcloud?

On my main admin account in Manjaro, I use the Nextcloud desktop sync app. I’ve also changed the user image for this account using mugshot. All is well with my main user account.

I just created a second account without admin privileges for my kid’s gaming activities. I have an icon I want to use as his user image. But when I open mugshot, the Nextcloud desktop app ALSO opens. Happens every time. What on earth is going on?

Edit: I’m fully up-to-date with Manjaro as of this morning.

Problem persists and I really don’t know where to start. Any help would be appreciated.

It is probably a mime registration for image files which is now pointing the nextcloud client.

I checked the mime types on that account. Not a single one of the image types is associated with Nextcloud. Totally flummoxed.

One more question for anyone out there: Might this problem have anything at all to do with DBUS?

This is the only mime type with a “Nextcloud” references, and it’s not an image type:

One more update and hoping someone might have an idea of what to do: My admin account does not have this problem, but any new non-admin user account I create does have the problem.