Volume control on Manjaro KDE with Fn+F2/F3

Hey I have a simple problem :slight_smile: My Volume control keys dont control the volume. If I press Fn+F2 to make the sound quieter just nothing happens. Where can I activate that?

(Im on Dell XPS 15 7590, Manjaro KDE)

I’m not using a laptop, and my keyboard doesn’t have any multimedia keys, but the usual suspects are…

System Settings → Workspace → Shortcuts

… and…

System Settings → Hardware → Input Devices → Keyboard ("Advanced’ tab)

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Hmm the volume down/up shortcut is set. It also registers the action Fn+f2 as "Volume down pressed.

It just doesnt update my Sound :confused:

Have you tried an alternative shortcut (without Fn or windows key) just regular ctrl/alt and a letter in order to see if there is a conflict in the shortcuts or it is related to something else?

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Also check if it is related to this issue posted here:


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EDIT: This wasnt the issue :open_mouth: The issue is. That audio control keys only work when there is an audio control button on the dock or panel. I didnt want that so i removed it but then the shortcuts dont work. Now I added it again and even the normal volume keys also work.
But this is strange. Why do I need to have this icon on my panel?

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Maybe the shortcut is directly correlated to the specific app widget and not plasma desktop globally.