VNC Server + X11 forwarding

Use: Manjaro-ARM-kde-plasma-rpi4-22.08

I need to use MobaXterm to connect to my Manjaro via VNC and SSH.
SSH connection it works for me but without support X11 forwarding.

1, how can i enable/install X11 forwardingsupport on my manjaro?

2, how can I install a VNC server that will be accessible to various programs that support VNC connections (example: MobaXterm )?


Hi Jana,

For X11 forwarding change this in /etc/ssh/sshd_config

X11Forwarding yes
X11DisplayOffset 10
X11UseLocalhost yes

Maybe Remmina

Remmina also occurred to me, but it seems that remmina is only a client without a server or no ?

I use RealVNC for everything, I found this:
(pamac build realvnc-vnc-server)

But I don’t know how to continue proceed and start RealVNC server.

I have Manjaro ARM, deb package won’t work for me or will it?

Ah, I thought you already installed this as described here:

But the setup process should be the same.

Nope, you can’t install deb packages on Manjaro.

(pamac build realvnc-vnc-server ) Does this mean that it will be compiled and automatically installed at the same time?

Yes, you can also use: pamac install realvnc-vnc-server

it seems that the assembly went well, but no command will start the VNC Server :frowning:

What are you trying to achieve?

If you want to control your remote using VNC over SSH

If you want to be able to run a single program on the remote machine and display the gui on your local you use X11 forwarding - xdmcp over ssh