VMware Workstation

Hi I installed VMware Workstation through AUR. But when I start, I get this error message

Could not open / dev / vmmon: The file or directory does not exist.
Please make sure that the kernel module `vmmon 'is loaded.

Is new to Linux and has used Manjaro for about 2 months.
MVH Patrick


Please read here

Also note that vmware is not compatible with kernel 5.8 and won’t be until the next release of vmware. If you want to run vmware best option is the 5.4lts kernel, it works fine on 5.7(I’m using it) but 5.7 is Eol and will be removed from the repositories soon

Thanks so much. It worked :slight_smile:

I had the same trouble and the solutions above worked just fine too, @pata66.

Please don’t forget to mark the solution so the thread is solved :slight_smile:

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