VMWare Player install

What is the best way to install VMWare Player? I see several very complicated, and prone to error, ways online and I do not see it in the AUR. Does anyone have experience with it?

Is “player” different than “workstation”?

I see workstation in the AUR, don’t know if there is any difference:

$ pamac search vmware workstation | grep 16
vmware-workstation-tech-preview                                 16540321-2  AUR 
vmware-workstation-openrc                                       16.1.1-1    AUR 
vmware-workstation                                              16.1.1-1    AUR 

Thank you. There is workstation and there is workstation player. Player is free for personal use, workstation has a charge. Perhaps this will work.

Keep in mind those though for any case:

a) VMware - Manjaro

b) VMware - Can I use it? - Frequently Asked Questions - Manjaro Linux Forum

Thanks that’s helpful. I’m using VirtualBox currently. Do you know if there is a way on VB or on Boxes to have a Coherence Mode that Parallels’ calls it where the apps in the VM can act as individual apps on the main OS. For example on Mac, I can run Parallels and by operating in Coherence Mode, I can have Word running in a Win10 VM and it will appear as a regular app on my dock or on my machine. I can even link to it and make it the default to open certain types of files.

If you install vmware workstation from the aur it will install vmware player as well. You can then continue using vmware player for free after the “trial” of workstation expires

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