Vmware and kernel 58

Good evening,
Can someone help me?
I’m new to Vmware.
I’m trying to use vmware from kernel 58.
But I have a problem with vmon.
I visited aur.archlinux about vmware (sorry, I can include links).
But I don’t understand any of their scripts or patches.
A topic in this forum says that you can’t use vmware under kernel 58 until a new version of vmware is released, but on the link given above, they managed to do it.
If you could take a look at it and give me your comments…
Thank you in advance. :grin: :wink: :wink:


Something on our forum to consider too:

And a more organic explanation here

Vmware has now been updated to work with kernel 5.8 but you need to install the git version


Thank you for your answer.
But a stupid question, how to install an application with git?
I’ve read the documentation, but I don’t understand it.
I did the “git clone…”, but then, which command should I use?

Thank you for your help.

The git version is in the AUR, you can install it with the pamac gui

I’ve not vmware-workstation-git in AUR… :pensive: :hot_face:

You are correct its just vmware-workstation 15.5.6-4 , it is working with kernel 5.8 now im using it

How to get the AUR version?

Do you have pamac gui? (Add/remove software) just search in there for vmware workstation and add it. It will install vmware player as well and all the necessary kernel mods etc. Just remember to reboot after installing