Vmnet module does not load

I installed the vmware-workstation16 from the AUR and followed the instructions on the Arch Wiki under the _ Package build for x86_64_ section.

Unfortunately, vmware-networks.service fails to start as, transitively, modprobe vmnet fails to load. Basically, sudo systemctl start vmware-networks.service or sudo modprobe vmnet runs indefintely and fails with the error Job for vmware-networks.service failed because a timeout was exceeded.

My kernel version is 6.1.12-arch1-1 and I look forward to some support!

Why an older version? The current version is 17 provided by vmware-workstation. Older versions may not support newer kernels like 6.1.

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I have the same problem (see my post yesterday - Vmware Player and new kernel version). I notice there’s no /dev/vmmon, which the build, amongst other things is supposed to produce. Folders /sys/module/vmmon and /sys/module/vmnet are also missing, which I would have thought were significant omissions in the build.

Only thing I could do was to boot to the previous kernel, when everything worked fine again.

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