VLC suddenly doesn't work in downloading youtube videos

I fix one thing or figure out one and the other breaks! VLC was working just fine and then today, I tried to download a youtube video and now, it doesn’t want to. Yes, I upgraded to the next version trying to fix this issue. Tutorials on “youtube” claim to have to install luac in the play folder, but these tutorials are for windows! Can any one help, so I don’ need to spend another week trying to get this system to work correctly?

Maybe this:

I mean, I use it all the time, and just now I tried another video and it seemed to be able to download that one just fine. So is it particular to certain videos? Oh boy!
Thanks for the quick reply!!!

Maybe they’re age restricted videos. For some time, viewing them through vlc and mpv allowed to bypass the age restriction check, but i believe Youtube “fixed” that lately by tightening their API.

You may have a point, but the video I was trying to download was just clean music. Nothing special about it. Just needed a snappy song for a portion of my home movie of our vacation.

EDIT - correct my bad memory - see next comment.

Some time ago a menace arose around an Google attempt to take down the youtube-dl on github.

That didn’t end well for Google for the requesting party but the letter of infrigement represent a view on thirdparty software being able to stream YouTube content - because it bypasses Google’s and content owners ability to commercialize the content - and alledgedly - in the end the content providers loose income.

So your experience with this may indeed be cased by the tightning of their API as @maycne.sonahoz refers.

That was the RIAA, not Google.

Ahh - yes - bad memory - thank you for refreshing it.