Vivaldi tabs show dead bird

Hi there,

I am having problems with Vivaldi tabs that are crashing - pic attached.
Vivaldi version 3.4.2066.106 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
OS Manjaro Linux

Wow thats a lot of tabs and bad extensions …
I see at least 2 different ‘adblockers’ and they are both bad ones.

If you want my guess - its a failure message.
Something about the cache or profile being corrupted or similar.
Or maybe its one of those dodgy extensions…

Looks like over 200 tabs to me and you probably ran out of memory :smile: Btw there’s a new Stable version out (it’s in testing branch right now) but you could upgrade manually.

/edit yep and 2 adblockers maybe interfering with each other = more tab memory overhead

yeah I’d suggest closing tabs and use ublock origin as your adblocker. The others on here may have a better ad blocker but that is what I use. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey there. Doesn’t Vivaldi own an embedded adblocker?

Yes and one could add additional filterlists from

In any case you should not be using AB or ABP … and should not be using multiple.

But its still not sure those are the cause of the mockingbird…

Though it does raise some suspicion as to the presence of more/other/worse extensions as well.

Stop it. Vivaldi has builit-in ad-blocking. What in the actual frell do you think you’re doing? Good thing you don’t use Windows, otherwise you’d end up like this:



hah. found the farscape fan.


Or from The Quantum Alpha . / The Quantum Ad-List · GitLab !

That could be a canary. Or dead parrot.

Yes, that could be the true, because it happens occasionally and when I start moving quickly trough the tabs. But the same happens with Chromium as well and only few tabs crashes i.e. 2 youtube tabs out of 20 and even with those two crashed I can browse normally.

I am not very techie - why are these two bad? What’s wrong with them?

I didn’t know that. Started using it with first ever Alfa version few years ago and never read the changelog.

I didn’t know they integrated adblocker

  • Ressource hogs and/or not the most trustful adblockers. Prefer Ublock Origin if need be

  • Uneffective because there are two of them doing the same job => more ressource losing in addition

  • Useless here coz Vivaldi can block ads itself

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Ho much RAM do you get by the way?

these are all I’ve got - is there anything else I should get rid off?
Also, some time ago there were big issues with glibc (version 2.31 if I remember), I had to downgrade to be able to use Vivaldi normally. But since 2.32 things go back to normal again.

8GB+4 Gb swap

Vivaldi can block ads and trackers if you configure it so.

You can already remove the 3 (!) adblockers.
And for the moment deactivate the no scripts extensions.