Vivaldi tabs show dead bird

Aahh…this is why I’ve never realised they don’t have adblocking - by default is off

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thanks, will check that


I don’t mind, is just where can I get Explorer for Manjaro? :smiley:


I like hblock as a non browser based blocker.

it’s in the AUR also.

yeah 8GB is not enough for 200+ tabs :slight_smile: I’d say if you want to keep your habit of opening so many tabs monitor your RAM usage, when you see you are close to the limit make use of Vivaldi’s “hibernating tabs” feature, i.e. select tabs that you don’t particularly need at that moment and hibernate them. This practically suspends the tab processes freeing up a lot of RAM.

As others also suggested, get rid of AB and ABP and just install uBlock, or as an alternative now that you 've found out the native Ad-blocker you could see which lists uBlock is using and add them to the native Ad-blocker yourself.
I’d say keep a script blocker as well, if you use so many tabs you would need to block unnecessary scripts so that every tab consumes less memory because of those.

No no he’s not dead, he’s, he’s restin’! Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blue, idn’it, ay? Beautiful plumage! :parrot:



I might do a AUR package later…

wowzer that is some inclusive list.

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