VirtualBox very unstable after updating 6.1.34 - Windows guest OS reboots after few minutes

Hi there.
I’ve been using virtualBox for a long time now and with the same guest (Windows 10) without any problems. A few days ago, updated from 6.1.30 to (after the update, reinstalled the updated virtualbox “extensions” to match the newly installed version and inside the guest OS, updated the virtualBox drivers).

The problem is that after a few seconds (or sometimes a few minutes) the windows just reboots (BSOD?). When it doesn´t reboot for a while, when trying to use Chrome or Firefox, they just unexpectly quit (or Chrome exhibits strange errors interrupting whatever it is doing).

Tryed to downgrade everything back to 6.1.30 but the same behaviours goes on…

When booting my host machine into a Linux Mint that I have on dual boot (with virtualBox 6.1.30) the exact same guest OS just becames stable (the exact same virtual machine files).

It sure appears that there’s some “memory” instability going on (or at least is what I’m assuming after reading this virtualbox forum topic).

Really ran out of ideas on solving this (urgent) problem. Any help or suggestions?

Tks a lot.

See VirtualBox error in the last update - #48 by j77h

Sorry to disappoint, but it doesn’t seem to be completely fixed.
Have had some unexpected restarts.
Looks like we have to wait for vbox 6.1.35; it’s in testing, and some fedora users report that it works, in this forum.

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There’s several ways some including myself have virtualbox working and it’s in the post @Deano posted.

I also got this problem on my work computer. My laptop and my home PC are fine, only my work computer gone beserk! I thought it was some disk corruption. I’m glad it isn’t. I’ve been using a Windows 7 VM on my laptop to complement my work. Hope this gets fixed soon.

Hi, one question, are you using kernel 5.10?

I recently had a problem very similar to yours. Apparently Virtualbox version 6.1.34 has problems with the 5.10 kernel causing random errors.

My solution was to install kernel 5.4 and the problems disappeared.

I wrote an article about it on my blog (in Spanish): Pantallas azules y reinicios inexplicables de un Windows 7 en Virtualbox