Vim4 - worth waiting for?

I do not have a Vim3, so wondering what the existing Vim3 owners think of their Vim3 and what they think of the updated hardware. I currently use RPi4 but thinking an upgrade might be nice.

Manjaro is mentioned… have the Manjaro Devs seen one? Wondering if support will come soon or is it years out?

Well one thing’s for sure, I’ll buy one myself. I have the RPI4b and odroid n2+ so this should be pretty fun too.

Khadas have only confirmed this news but no official statement were made by Amlogic nor Khadas.

We the Manjaro Team have no idea on when it will be available for development so cannot confirm any timeline, also we do not know if it will work with the existing soc support in kernel or need something new.

most likely few months or a year. No Idea.

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