Khadas VIM4 -- Development Timeline Update?


This isn’t meant to be one of those “I just got the thing in the mail and want Manjaro now!” posts. :slight_smile:

I searched the forum and the last mention of the VIM4 seems to be this thread, with the quite sensible conclusion that no timeline for development can be discussed until the boards are in-hand: Vim4 - worth waiting for?

These are starting to ship to purchasers now (I expect mine to arrive Monday or Tuesday). I was wondering if Khadas had seeded boards to the Manjaro team somehow (I know reviewers have them already).

What’s the best way to stay up to date on development news for these boards? Just watch the forum here, or something else?

I’m excited. These look awesome.

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I have them.

Follow linux kernel amlogic developement and look out for a311d2 support.

The soc is fairly new and there is no support for it yet.

Maybe will take a year or 2 depending on how much time the kernel developers give this board.

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