Video stutter (local playback only)


It’s my day 0 with Manjaro and so far I enjoy it a lot, but I have just one huge issue - local video playback is broken - it stutters big time, A/V is totally out of sync, it’s simply not usable and I tried MPV and Haruna players, VLC just straight up shuts down when a file is played - it only opens for longer if you open VLC on its own without playback (I feel that might be a separate issue).

Any ideas on what to do? It’s a clean KDE install with proprietary drivers selected, 12900k and 3080ti, 165hz and 125% global scaling (dk if that matters). Video is absolutely perfect when watching YT through a browser - extremely responsive regardless of resolutions, it’s just a local thing.

Personally I like smplayer.
It can use either mpv or mplayer as the backend.

In all cases you probably want to look at the output/accel methods.

Assuming you are doing this on the intel … then you are probably trying to use VAAPI.

( so in smplayer maybe set
General>Video>OutputDriver=gpu, Performance>Performance>HardwareDecoding=vaapi )

See for example;
VLC Stutters when Seeking? - #8 by cscs
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Let us know if any of that works for you.
A good place to start, so people can see system info etc, is also