Very slow to open emails and browser

System: Oldish desktop i5 3470, 16 gb ram
Manjaro 23.0.0
Cinnamon 5.6.8
Kernel 5.15.114-2
Problem apps: Firefox 113.0.1, Evolution 3.48.1

Hi, recently I noticed that opening an email that contains links to images (ie. news articles) takes a long time (up to 2 minutes)? Initially I thought the email was broken (wrong or missing links, etc…) and I ask the provider to re-send it - but there was no difference? I then though it’s just a slow internet connection, but a speed test proved that wrong! I then try to open the same email in a browser using my webmail (SmarterMail) and it opens almost instantly! I then thought something wrong with ‘Evolution’ But now, after the latest system update, I have the same issue with ‘Firefox’ some website (that used to open within a few seconds) now take upto 2 minutes to open?? Any idea what could be causing that? Thanks

Next time, please use the forum’s search function. :arrow_down:

Your question has already been asked before over a dozen times in the last 36 hours, and none of those people would have needed to ask this question in the first place if they had only read the first two posts on the latest Stable Updates announcement thread. :arrow_down:

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Thank you for the ‘Workaround’ solutions the gtk one worked for me.
I actually did use the search function, but did not find a solution? Sorry for been so thick! cause even with the link you provided in your reply, I still did not find the solution…

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