Using OBS package with NVIDIA

The obs-studio package would not launch for me. I found a closed post about it here → Obs studio wont launch in which sudo pacman -R libva-vdpau-driver got OBS working for that person. But I have some additional information that I think is important.

  1. sudo pacman -Syu libva-nvidia-driver will also remove libva-vdpau-driver, you’ll be prompted.

:: libva-nvidia-driver and libva-vdpau-driver are in conflict. Remove libva-vdpau-driver? [y/N] y

  1. While, in general, adding additional packages willy-nilly isn’t advisable, there are a lot of nvidia related packages (do your due diligence) which can only add functionality and help your system perform better. I am a little paranoid about this, because I had a computer with an NVIDIA GPU for years and frankly I probably wasn’t even using it or getting the benefit of it. So now I want to use it to it’s fullest potential. Here are some to consider. opencl-nvidia nvtop nvidia-prime nvidia-cg-toolkit linux67-nvidia libva-nvidia-driver ffnvcodec-headers

Just watch out for cuda - If it lists anything cuda in the packages it wants to install that is a heavy download. You may want it, and cuda-tools python-cuda too, it’s really cool technology but more geared towards developers. Just saying, that first list is smaller packages which, IMO, can only add functionality and performance to your system, while anything which includes cuda will include a large download more geared towards developers. But look at details of them and decide for yourself.

I confirm that deleting libva-vdpau-driver makes OBS-Studio work
it is mentioned in the ArchLinux Wiki:

The code for libva-vdpau-driver has not been touched for years. It causes crash when running VLC or OBS with recent versions of the NVIDIA driver. [2] If you need a translation layer for NVIDIA drivers, use libva-nvidia-driver instead.

Since it causes problems why still use it?
Wouldn’t it be better to integrate libva-nvidia-driver into the ISOs instead?

Most of these would be included with your mhwd profile and/or are kernel-specific.