Using 2 computers in one

Hello Manjaro users. I am needing help with my system. In order for you guys to understand better, I work with:

  • 1 notebook with Manjaro Linux. Lets call it PC1
  • 1 desktop computer with Windows 10. Lets call it PC2
    Note that, due to a recent robbery, the monitor I used with the desktop computer was stolen. Now I need to use PC2 somehow, but I dont have another monitor to use, so I thought I could use the PC1’s screen. I can connect PC2 to PC1 via VGA or HDMI, but I dont know how. Any ideas?

Note: I started using Manjaro and Linux about a week ago so… dont expect a lot of knowledge LOL

I believe VGA and HDMI ports on a laptop are output only.
You do need a new monitor.

ooof… :confused:

what about remote desktop? search the internet “linux windows remote”
for example something like remmina (never tried and there are also other solutions) but this might be a fix for your needs, it’s worth a try and you can install it from the official repositories. give it a try and tell us about

You can use via lan or wifi (i think) as is using a virtual display adapter … The package is also in AUR (en) - deskreen
pamac build deskreen

It is easy to setup a headless system - users do it all the time - hackers even more often.

Take the example here [root tip] [How To] Install Raspberry Pi - VNC over SSH and adapt.

If you want to remotely control your windows without a monitor the initial setup will require a monitor or a crash cart adapter - Crash Cart Adapter - USB - Video Capture - KVM Switches - but you would be able to enable RDP and use remmina or krdc with freerdp to control the box without a monitor.

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