USB 2.0 devices not detected in USB 3 ports on USB 3.1 hub

Preface with “works under Windows 10!”

I have a Thunderbolt hub with HDMI and three USB 3.1 ports.
HDMI works fine.
USB 3 devices work fine.
USB 2 devices are not detected, not listed with lsusb.

Any ideas?

Which authorization type are you using? Not all Thunderbolt hubs are well supported.
It’s weird that USB2 is not working but USB3, which USB2 devices are you talking about?

I’ve tried…
HDMI-out, works.
USB 3.1 Flash Drive, works.
USB 2 Flash Drive, doesn’t work.
USB 2 Dell Wireless Mouse & Keyboard adapter, doesn’t work.
USB 2 Dell Monitor Speak, doesn’t work.

All devices that do not work on the hub are fine in a standard USB (2 and 3) on the laptop.