Updates exist only in `pamac-manager` but not `pacman -Syyu`?

Hello. Hope you’re doing well.

I’ve been daily driving Manjaro for roughly a year now. Very happy, very stable no complaints. However, I was surprised that I was greeted with 5GB updates on pamac-manager's Updates tab earlier:

I didn’t take a screenshot of that massive update but it’s the same tab above. As you can see, there’s an update for Microsoft Edge. But when I sudo pacman -Syyu in the terminal it says there is nothing to do.

I almost never went to this Updates tab because I always updated with sudo pacman -Syyu.

I read the post Pamac-manager: “Your system is up to date” - though it’s not but I’m having the completely reversed issue.

Could anyone explain why updates exist only in pamac-manager but not pacman -Syyu? And how would I go about resolving this issue? Should I trust pamac-manager or pacman -Syyu?

Thank you!

pacman doesn’t know about AUR.

Ah that’s why! I’m using Morganamilo/paru: Feature packed AUR helper and a simple paru command will do a full system upgrade and AUR upgrades. Thank you!

If you would have used pamac update instead of pacman, you would have received the same updates.

pamac and pacman are two different things.

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