Updated Manjaro Awesome Image


I updated the Manjaro-awesome image today: Manjaro_AwesomeMinimal_21.0.3_Test – Google Drive

Would be nice if some more people can test it out, worked to install for me in Virtualbox however, unsure about the ZFS Support however as there was some problems and might have to update NVIDIA Drivers and so on, would be nice if someone else more experienced could check if its good

EDIT: Tested on a HP 655 laptop now too and worked there too

Latest Manjaro 21.0.3 with Kernel 5.12


Awesome! The edition I’d been waiting for! I’ll test it right out on my hp laptop!

Building an updated 21.0.4 image now, will post here when done

Updated ISO with 21.0.4: Manjaro_AwesomeMinimal_21.0.4 – Google Drive

@bittin do you have a gitlab.com or github.com repo with the modifications you did? Official images and Community Editions we generate via Github Actions.