Update requests for packages imported from Arch Linux

Please check current package status before posting/requesting:


Something that may concern users that are using Vivaldi, there has been a security update for Stable concerning some 10+ Chromium vulnerabilities, so I guess the package could be moved from unstable to the stable (& testing) branch as fast track.

You can not always fast-track browsers. Especially not when they are based on Chromium. Maybe checkout brave.

Last time I checked it’s an already compiled binary self-contained in /opt with all its dependencies there , overwriting the previous version and gives no problems at all. (pkgbuild just extracts the 3 folders of the .deb (or .rpm) and gives access rights to the bin))

I mean one can download and install the new version from Arch already (or Manjaro’s unstable pool) Arch Linux - vivaldi 3.5.2115.87-1 (x86_64) and be perfectly fine, just mentioning it for the convenience of Manjaro Stable users.

With Vivaldi we can, it’s a binary source.

It could. I’ll go ahead and do it now.


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filezilla and libfilezilla are outdated for quite some time.
I filed a PR in the maintainer’s repo in July '20 and contacted him via email. No response.

Would it be possible to get an up-to-date package in manjaro?

I’m not sure why they haven’t been updated. I would use filezilla-bin in the AUR for now.

I try to update offical PKGBUILD from Arch Linux noticed
libfilezilla needs also be updated

Please update Dolphin to v20.12.2, it’s a bugfix to for this annoying issue: 431626 – The Knetattach dialog is no longer launched from the Dolphin (a required item is missing)


Latest stable release

January 7, 2021

Shoot, the update hasn’t been released yet <_>

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grub-btrfs 4.8 is out:
My tests:

Build > passed
Install > passed


Marked as outdated by me

Anyway PKGBUILD with 4.8:


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I’d prefer using an up-to-date package maintained by the distro i trust in instead of something some random person put together.

built 3.52.2 myself. Really, it was no big deal.

[newbie here, so hope i’m addressing correct thread]
Is it possible to push libvirt [7.0-0] to testing? It was updated to stable in arch this month.

Current package has issues.
E.g. Long standing issue with whole-disk passthrough in libvirt
that should be solved with the new version.

That’s not a standalone package that can be pushed to newer branch, unfortunately.

deno is outdated - current version is 1.6.1, 1.7.2 was just released.

(This might be an arch package, but even if it is the arch version is on 1.7.1.)

1.7.1 is in the testing and unstable branches. Please check Branch Compare before posting in these threads.

1.7.2 was only released upstream 2 hours ago. I’ve flagged the Arch community package out of date.

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