Dependency issues building veusz

sip, python sip package names and versions are different from arch:

Manjaro package name version Arch package name version
sip 4.19.24 sip4 4.19.24
- - sip 6.0.0
python-sip 4.19.24 python-sip4 4.19.24

This leads to an error when building e. g. veusz from AUR. I had to change “sip4” to “sip” and “python-sip4” to “python-sip” in PKGBUILD dependencies list.

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sip / python-sip v4 was renamed to sip4 / python-sip4 and the main sip / python-sip package was updated to v6.

They’re already in the testing branch. The AUR isn’t officially supported. Sometimes you’ll come across issues like this.

Package Branch
sip4 Stable : n/a
Testing : 4.19.24-1
Unstable : 4.19.24-1
sip Stable : n/a
Testing : 6.0.0-1
Unstable : 6.0.0-1