Update requests for packages imported from Arch Linux

That’s directly taken from arch and 12.1 hasn’t reached unstable yet - so I’d say no.
It’s been flagged out of date on arch: Arch Linux - netbeans 12.0_u1-1 (any)

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Ok, thks for the info.


Please update the SIGNAL desktop app as it is no longer able to get linked to phones without update to current version. Flatpak and Snap versions are updated but not the Official one. I had to install the Flatpak but so many people on the net are speaking against Flatpaks so I am not sure…

Signal updates very frequently like in 1-2 weeks…

maintainer: kpcyrd@archlinux.org

Thank you!

maintainer: Nicola Squartini <tensor5@gmail.com>

That’s an arch package, Arch Linux - caprine 2.48.0-1 (any).
It’s flagged out-of-date since 2020-09-17.

KiCad has a new release that updates to 5.1.7 as of September 30th. I use KiCad frequently, and I’d love to have the bug fixes that come with this release when someone has the chance to update the package. I created a forum account for this message, and it looks like I’m too new to post links. Plain text URL included below (remove the spaces). Thanks!

https:// kicad-pcb .org/blog/2020/09/KiCad-5.1.7-Release/

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KiCad is from Arch, and it’s been flagged out of date in Arch.

code (aka vscode) is outdated. manjaro states ‘code-1.49.1-1’ to be up to date whereas archlinux’ package-site reports ‘1.50.1-1’

1.50.1-1 is currently in the testing branch.

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Please update zfs-utils from the archzfs repo.

Currently the initcpio hook script is outdated and I cannot boot my root on zfs when ecryption is enablend. Replacing it with the version from the archzfs repo it works right away.

I’ve updated it to build -2 in unstable.
Please test it and give me a feedback.

Wow that was fast!

It works. Thank you very much!

Vivaldi is in Arch [community] repo now, and is likely to be removed from AUR soon. It would be nice if it can be added to Manjaro repo. :innocent:

It already is in the Manjaro repos, currently only unstable:

It will be along to other branches soon™:

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There will be an awkward period where Vivaldi won’t be available anywhere though. If there is many requests for Vivaldi, perhaps the team could consider pushing it into other branches earlier.

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[Edit: Thank you to Yochanan for moving my post here]

The matrix-synapse package is much further ahead on Arch at this point, and it just came up in the Synapse support channel that someone was unable to join a room because of their homeserver being too out of date. It’d be really cool if this package could be brought up to 1.21.2-1 or 1.22.1-1 (from 1.11.0-1). Cheers!

matrix-synapse 1.21.2-1 is in all branches. Are you up to date?

Odd, the user definitely has v1.11, and I confirmed Manjaro’s version here (I assumed that’s always up-to-date), which is what lead me to make the post… However in Pamac I do see v1.21.2-1, so I’m not sure why there’s a discrepancy there. I guess the package is already updated (thanks!).

I am curious though, is that online listing just outdated, or is it tied to a mirror that isn’t updating (the same as the user with the issue)? I’ll prompt them to update (I assumed they did, but we’ll see).

Yes. Discover is still a work in progress. I’m not sure how and when the database is scraped. If you want to ask more questions about Discover itself, I suggest creating a new topic in #site-feedback and maybe @codesardine can give you more details.