Discover Has Package Listings That Get Quite Out of Date

[More history of this issue can be found here]

Recently I tried to support a user who claimed the Manjaro package of matrix-synapse is out of date. With most distros, so I can link something in chat, I simply lookup the package, and link the version from there. Discover currently lists matrix-synapse as 1.11.0-1 as the current version, which happened to be the exact version the user has. This caused some confusion as the current version is actually 1.21-1.

I propose Discover updates more often OR while it’s being worked on, simply have a notice that it’s not production ready, and not all information may be accurate on every package page. This would alleviate confusion.


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I have never used discover.manjaro for such a purpose.
I am not sure it is considered ‘complete’ in any case.
So I mostly think I agree with you.
Please refer to which should be definitive for current package versions in all branches.


That’s a cool resource, thanks! It certainly is useful, and wouldn’t have caused the confusion, unless someone clicked one of the resulting links, which links to Discover anyways :slight_smile:. Discover is search-engine indexable, which is how I found it in the first place, too.

I understand Discover may not be considered complete, which is why I also simply proposed a notice if it’s non-trivial to have Discover keep-up right now.

Also if Discover is open-source, I’d be happy to look at the difficulty of implementing either of my proposals, and simply do it myself and submit a PR. I just don’t think it’d take very long, and I think the benefit is high.

Looks like it would be these: