Update requests for packages built by Manjaro developers

No, you please review the Manjaro packages before creating a post about something that’s already been done.

rofi 1.7.0 now always loads the default theme before loading a custom theme, so rofimenu has a funny look. I’ve submitted a fix for rofimenu so rofi-scripts should be updated. And maybe other scripts in the package require some attention.

I took the opportunity and just pushed autogit 1.5.5-1 1.5.6-1 :sweat_smile: with the last remaining bits for ("-git" pkg) updates :wink:

corectrl is getting updates again. Would be nice to see them coming to the existing community package.

Pushed to unstable.

dropped from the repos. The AUR has the latest version.

I saw the “n/a” but didn’t know it meant it was dropped. Thanks for the info.

Thank you, I’ll look into it

python-ueberzug, maintained by Stefano Capitani (stefano@manjaro.org)

It still uses python3.8 while everything else is at 3.9.

ranger (maintained by Matti Hyttinen matti@manjaro.org) mentions it as an optional requirement, but the combo doesn’t work right now because of the Python mismatch. Everything is fine with ueberzug package (which also provides python-ueberzug), so maybe ranger should point to that as an optional dependency?

Since ueberzug provides python-ueberzug, no changes need to be made to ranger. The redundant python-ueberzug package has been removed from the repos.

Pushed autogit 1.5.7-1 which now enables git-pkg updates for all, as it needed more testing.

:package: Done.

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Any reason why the Kernel 5.15-rc1 is not available on manjaro yet? @oberon

Pushed mutter-x11-scaling 40.5-1

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Consider renew the 5.15 kernel generation in the stable branch to a newer one.

rc6 is in unstable almost for a week now.
Please update stable up to rc5 at least.

We are experimenting: if I am understood correctly the lack was seen on the 5.4, 5.10 and 5.14, but 5.13 is fine (Some keyboard keys don't work after updating - #3 by S4ZCO).
5.15 results would be interesting, but it is month-old rc3 currently there.


Feel free to switch to testing or unstable if you’re impatient. :wink:

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SoftMaker has updated softmaker-office-2021 from revision 1034 (2021-07-19) to revision 1038 (2021-11-02).

softmaker-office-2021 2021.1038-1 is on it’s way…

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I’ve pushed mutter-x11-scaling and gnome-control-center-x11-scaling 41.1 to Gitlab. :nerd_face:

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ranger (the terminal filemanager) is on some weird version on all manjaro branches … there are a lot of bugs in that version and i’d like to know why it’s not following arch (or the official releases) in that regard …