Update requests for packages built by Manjaro developers

SoftMaker has updated softmaker-office-2021 from revision 1038 (2021-11-02) to revision 1040 (2021-12-02).

The update comes just one month after the last update and includes, among other things, a new version of the German grammar checker Duden Korrektor with additional grammar rules and an extended dictionary.

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@Yochanan auto-cpufreq 1.8.0 is out so it’s time to rebuild this package :slight_smile:

I dropped it from the repos. The code is sloppy and I’m not going to spend the time to patch it. The AUR package has been updated. However, it’s a blind version bump, so it might not work properly.

Okay, good to know, I will upgrade it with manjaro-chrootbuild using the gitlab pkg from Manjaro.

I use it on my test machine for the unstable branch.
It does not matter if it does not work, will try to patch it if necessary

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@philm mugshot is outdated and needs Python 3.10 rebuild.

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SoftMaker has updated softmaker-office-2021 from revision 1040 (2021-12-02) to revision 1042 (2021-12-17).

This update comes only two weeks after the last update. It must be a minor update, because usually SoftMaker publishes a detailed list of changes with each update. This time, however, the change log only contains the cryptic paraphrase: Miscellaneous bug fixes in all programs. So it’s hard to say what has actually changed. :slight_smile:

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Nvidia has released version 390.147 of the legacy proprietary driver for Fermi GPUs. This version mainly fixes the compatibility issues with Xorg server 21.1.1, along with some other improvements.

I have modified the patch required to run this driver on kernel 5.16-rc5 so that it is possible to install and run the driver on that kernel. Please have a look at Patch and PKGBUILD for running 390.147 with kernel 5.16-rc5 (#1) · Issues · Packages / Extra / linux515-extramodules / nvidia-390xx · GitLab

UPDATE: The driver also runs with kernel 5.16-rc6; no modifications to the patch are necessary.

@oberon there is a new version of kwinft released 1 week ago, can you update the package?

There is a new version of ZFS (2.1.2)

I’ve pushed a rebuild of mutter-x11-scaling to use libsysprof-capture.
Also pushed bmenu 0.18-1 with some fixes. (Thanks to @cscs )


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thunarx-python from the community repo has to be rebuilt against Python 3.10. For some reason, it looks for libpython3.9.so.1.0:

ldd /usr/lib/thunarx-3/thunarx-python.so  | grep -i python
#        libpython3.9.so.1.0 => not found
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when will be the Gnome extention Dash to Dock (gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock) updated next?
There is a annoying bug that let the windows counter indicator numbers are totally wrong. There is a closed issue

that links to this commit

Last Manjaro repo commit is from December 7, 2021

There is no new extensions.gnome.org-v7x release published, but maybe commits can be merged too.

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I’ve pushed autogit 1.6.0 to Gitlab.

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Manjaro provides pacman-static in its core repository, however, it hasn’t been updated in a while (it’s at 5.2.1). The PKGBUILD is also out-of-date, and does not work.

I would like to ask for it to be removed or updated (e.g. there is an up-to-date PKGBUILD in the AUR).


discover-snap needs an update. The current version in the manjaro repos is 5.18.0, the actual current version (as available on the AUR) is 5.24.0.

The UI of 5.18.0 is quite broken, while 5.24.0 works perfectly, just like regular discover

Just pushed to stable / testing and 5.24.3-1 to unstable.

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