Update requests for packages built by Manjaro developers

Thanks for the hint - build works again :wink:

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may I ask updates for Octopi and, possibly, for Tuxedo-Keyboard?

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No, it’s already updated.

Hi @nightmare-2021 telegram-desktop-manjaro is outdated again bump to 2.7.4 I can help you out if you want

Tnx, Tuxedo-keyboard just got updated now in stable

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@Chrysostomus - I’ve pushed a new release of bmenu on github with some fixes.

Why package is not release version?

Telegram Desktop client (always current developer GIT-Version)

The PKGBUILD give you the answer.

@Chrysostomus - yet another bug fix release for bmenu, updated to 0.16. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ll try to remember it tonight. Ping me again if I forget.

Maybe “apparmor” needs a new compile against perl-5.32:

$ pacman -Qqo '/usr/lib/perl5/5.32'
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I think you mean Perl 5.34. :wink:

It’s been rebuilt and will be coming along shortly.


perl-par-packer is an arch package and not built by manjaro.
Version 1.052-4 (which was built against perl 5.34) is available in unstable: Manjaro - Branch Compare

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Octopi update?

is long time there is 0.11.0-1 in AUR…

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Good luck. I asked about Octopi 0.11 months ago.

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It’s now in unstable.

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for pacman 6.0
pamac need update
also all yay-trizen… in AUR

otopi has to be updated to version 0.11
On manjaro is out of date from a while… please update it
Why it’s still out of date in Manjaro?

I see it… thank you! :heart:

@Ste74 @Yochanan
mutter-x11-scaling 40.2-1 is ready for building. :package: