Update requests for packages built by Manjaro developers

A suggestion for gtk themes that provide both gtk2 and gtk3 themes: Move the dependency on gtk2 theme engines to optdepends. This is how other themes like de adapta-gtk-theme does it.

Currently the only thing on my system keeping gtk2 installed was the matcha-gtk-theme.


Just did that with all the themes I maintain in the Manjaro community repo and the AUR.


Pity that some popular packages like Steam still require it.

The ranger package is still on version 5047d9e5, which lacks behind. Will there be an update, @Chrysostomus?

manjaro-settings-manager requires an update due to new icu:

installing icu (69.1-1) breaks dependency 'icu<68.3' required by manjaro-settings-manager

We figured it out, thanks. :wink: It’s done with 0.5.6-13.


Maybe. We will have to see if we can use the upstream arch package already instead of our own…

@nightmare-2021 PKGBUILD for manjaro‘s telegram-desktop is outdated:

Prebuilt by me be careful and test it :wink:

Thanks for the hint - build works again :wink:

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may I ask updates for Octopi and, possibly, for Tuxedo-Keyboard?

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No, it’s already updated.

Hi @nightmare-2021 telegram-desktop-manjaro is outdated again bump to 2.7.4 I can help you out if you want

Tnx, Tuxedo-keyboard just got updated now in stable

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@Chrysostomus - I’ve pushed a new release of bmenu on github with some fixes.

Why package is not release version?

Telegram Desktop client (always current developer GIT-Version)

The PKGBUILD give you the answer.

@Chrysostomus - yet another bug fix release for bmenu, updated to 0.16. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ll try to remember it tonight. Ping me again if I forget.

Maybe “apparmor” needs a new compile against perl-5.32:

$ pacman -Qqo '/usr/lib/perl5/5.32'
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