Update > Plymouth hang -> Timeshift -> Grub fail, stuck

After doing the latest updates my KDE system would not boot anymore. After fidgeting around a bit with the quiet and splash grub flags I managed to boot and searched around a bit and saw that Plymouth was the culprit. So I uninstalled it. And then I thought nah, let me just timeshift back and did that.
Now my grub has turned into pure text (no pretty graphics anymore) and gives this message when I try to boot:

Am I screwed and should just reinstall or is there a quick fix I haven’t managed to find? I’ve tried googling, but they don’t seem to relate to the way I got stuck in any way.

Try reinstalling grub on a live session when in chroot. Maybe add --disable-shim-lock.

The first mesage is because you are using a filesystem grub does not support writing to (btrfs and f2fs).

The explanation for the second message is purely guesswork

  • likely some custom configuration
  • possibly related to Secure Boot
  • remants of an Ubuntu grub in $esp/EFI/boot/

Thanks, guys, I gave up after a few hours. Couldn’t figure out how to reinstall grub from a live media. I just reinstalled. Must say I lost some faith in Timeshift…

I think I had pretty much the same, or very similar issue with plymouth acting up… Like, updating to a version, that then become too advanced, who knows how…
Anyways, my solution, found by paying attention to a warning from pamac, was to do a full upgrade, allowing for package downgrades: After upgrade, right after boot I get a blank screen and no login page

Timeshift backs up the main file system! (This is important and good)
But Grub is on the esp partition (fat32).

The ESP partition is rarely written to, so Grub is relatively safe.
However, it is possible to create a backup of the ESP partition. Only a few files need to be backed up. File permissions don’t play a role in fat32. And these files rarely change. (once after a few years). The backup does not have to be renewed monthly.

The easiest way is to back up the ESP partition files from /boot/efi/** to /boot/efi_backup/** (So it is included into the next timeshift :wink: )
By the way i did this now with mc

Had to backup 8.3MB only

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