Update from an ISO (and internet)

Almost everytime its time to update, I want to do it in part, from a freshly burned ISO. So only bespoke applications or very recently updated applications need be downloaded separately.

There’s a number of reasons why I’d like to use physical disks/ISOs like this.

I know there’s a way to mount the ISO and access packages manually but I’m specifically wondering if I can insert a DVD or point to an ISO and just tell pacman, after you’ve finished refereshing the database (ie. -y) use this disk (or ISO) for what you can, and the internet for everything else.

I bet this is already possible and I’m silly for even asking.

Partial update are not supported

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Not partial. From DVD (or ISO) and internet, depending.

Quite convoluted what you are asking … or try to explain.
The repositories are not stored on the DVD/ISO to install them from there when a new ISO is released. Live media will not store any changes upon reboot, unless you make a persistent USB

But then what? You still have to update via pacman or pamac from the repositories … and seems like you are wanting to do it from live media via chroot on the installed system. Still, repositories are not stored locally, unless you make a local repository

See archived forum for that

It sounds as if you try to reduce your internet use, but the available iso are not updated as frequently as you might think. So in the end, you essentially would still end up updating everything via the internet connection.

If my assumption about your reason is correct, you might want to consider not using a rolling release distro.

Not really - because the ISO was never intended that way…

@bogdancovaciu already pointed out that there is no repo on the ISO.

There is some packages on the ISO needed for driver and office installer - packaged in the mhwd.sfs but that is not a fullfledged repo.

The installer unpacks the rootfs and the desktopfs from the live system - and uses the mhwd.sfs as repo to install detected drivers - so theorecically speaking you could rsync the files from ISO in /usr/ and the kernels from /boot into a chroot.

I have no idea how this would pan out on a real system - please let me know :slight_smile:

If I recall correct - didn’t you raise a simliar issue some time ago? Most likely I am confusing this topic with something related.

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Do you mean like in OpenSUSE, where the installation ISO can be recorded as repository, and thus can be used as software source?
I don’t think Manjaro can do that…

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Although it would be nice to have something like this, it’s not a big deal. I just find myself often DLing a fresh ISO and would like to be able to use them, a bit for things.

Maybe put something like this in a low-priority list?

Nope not me :slight_smile: Sounds like there might be a modicum of interest in something like this though.

Between both your comments, this is (effectively) solved, without being solved.

Thanks both.

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