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Just had kernel updates for both 6.6 and 6.7. I’m using nvidia-dkms and neither kernel would build the nvidia-dkms.I tried to reinstall nvidia-dkms and it still didn’t rebuild.I went ahead and rebooted to a black screen trying both kernels.I’ll try and use timeshift to go back to yesterday until the issue is fixed.

I learned a long time ago that whenever there’s some kind of error with a kernel update that you should not reboot until it’s solved (although it’s okay to reboot if you have a kernel installed that wasn’t affected).


I know I should have not rebooted I know better.I used timeshift and restored and it’s working.The kernels and kernel-headers are all thats showing in updates so I’ll wait awhile before trying again.

Hi @straycat ,

May You please post your mkinitcpio.conf please?

You can access it in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf

What’s your graphic card?

Wish You well

I’m guessing nvidia…

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Guessing and knowledge are different things.

May be the author asks the exact model, not only a GPU’s brand name.
Also it may be the case with 2 cards in use: iGPU + dGPU.

So, Freggel, your idea to highlight the excerpts could be incorrect. May be it should be nothing to note here at this point of discussion.

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All true.
I’ll try to refrain from using humor every now and then.

Lastly, there’s this:

Build problems don’t depend on exact make or model of any graphics card AFAIK.

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I’ll add the necessary patch. The precompiled linux6X-nvidia and linux6X-nvidia-470xx modules already include it.


@Yochanan ,

I think the @straycat problem’ come from the mkinitcpio.conf
I’m waiting for him to share it here that way I may help him to make some modifications and success the last updates.

Wish You well

Yes I have an older nvidia card here’s the info on that.

  Device-1: NVIDIA GP107 [GeForce GTX 1050] driver: nvidia v: 545.29.06
  Display: server: X.Org v: 21.1.11 driver: X: loaded: nvidia gpu: nvidia
    resolution: 1920x1080~60Hz
  API: EGL v: 1.5 drivers: kms_swrast,nvidia,swrast
    platforms: gbm,x11,surfaceless,device
  API: OpenGL v: 4.6.0 compat-v: 4.5 vendor: nvidia mesa v: 545.29.06
    renderer: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050/PCIe/SSE2
  API: Vulkan v: 1.3.276 drivers: nvidia surfaces: xcb,xlib

Just to add virtualbox-host-dkms also did not build.I reinstalled it and it seemed to build but I did not try virtualbox before restoring to an earlier snapshot.While I do not think mkinitcpio.conf is the issue here’s the file.

HOOKS=(systemd autodetect modconf kms keyboard keymap sd-vconsole block filesystems fsck)

Thanks @Yochanan for the patch I will update later and check back.

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May I ask as one of those who don’t use grub… Could you please update mhwd’s dependencies removing update-grub? I don’t need grub auto-installing and adding itself to nvram. It comes with the default Manjaro ISO, okay, but it should be possible to remove it upon user discretion and not make user remove mhwd or whatnot else that would become dependent on {update-}grub in future.

Parts of mhwd need it.
Until that is fixed to use grub-mkconfig (and/or whatever else) its sorta required.

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I’d rather expect grub requiring update-grub and them mutually requiring each other. But not mwhd or some other arbitrary package containing grub-specific commands, since such commands only make sense when grub is installed and are not needed when using rEFInd or systemd-boot. Why not issue a minor update to grub with a new dependency update-grub?

That doesnt make sense in this context.
mhwd-kernel runs update-grub to finalize its actions.
Whether or not grub is installed this will fail unless update-grub is available.

While manjaro has moved away from the largely superfluous update-grub … there still exists these lines in mhwd. grub does not require update-grub in the least.

Arguably mhwd does not need to either, and arguably it should be more agnostic in general.

But right now mhwd relies explicitly on update-grub, and the dependencies now correctly reflect that.

In the future I would argue a handful of rewrites to mhwd is what should be done, culminating in it no longer using update-grub, and hence the pursuant removal of the dependency.

Also, they arent my tools, and I have no say in any of these decisions or developments.
I have mentioned before that mhwd-kernel fails to function properly if non-manjaro kernels are installed, which has never been taken as a serious flaw. And thats about where my involvement has ended. :person_shrugging:

Just updated and the new version of nvidia-dkms worked fine and both kernels installed with no issues.
Thanks very much. :smiley:

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Will there be a chance to include the Nvidia 550.40 version which supports the RTX4070Ti SUPER which is currently in beta status for Linux?

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@straycat ,

I suggest You that :

HOOKS=(systemd autodetect modconf kms keyboard sd-vconsole block filesystems fsck)

then mkinitcpio -P

Instead of : HOOKS=(systemd autodetect modconf kms keyboard keymap sd-vconsole block filesystems fsck) because keymap is already incuded in sd-vconsole.

Take a look in the Arch wiki regarding mkinitcpio

You can also use :


Wish You well


I raised the issue about the missing update-grub package at gitlab - based on an issue where a member used mhwd-kernel to update the kernel and was stuck in rescue mode because update-grub was missing.

Actually the dependency is necessary when using mhwd-kernel as this process will not update kernels if update-grub is not present.

I have been thinking the same thought … that having update-grub as dependency will pull in grub.

Perhaps changing mhwd-kernel to to check for grub and only if present either use update-grub or – as I see it more correct - use grub-mkconfig to update grub.

I don’t want this on my laptop with secure boot using efi-stub - the laptop is an Intel based system -no dGPU so I have removed mhwd completely.

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Last package upgrades are from Saturday 3.2.24
Normally in unstable there are upgrades nearly every day…?
LibreOffice-fresh 24.2.0-1 is already in arch-extra repos (since 01.02.24)
(Mirror) Problems?