[Unstable Update] 2023-05-21 - Repository changes

What do you mean I have to ask? You mean running an update again? To what purpose? I don’t use dkms. I’m suspecting some rebuild is needed around the linux kernel, I’ve searched briefly, I can’t see anything relevant.

There was an uncoordinated rebuild by @oberon of 6.4.1-5 which I already did yesterday. Hence only some kernels got uploaded and some unwanted linux63 & linux64 extramodules too… Currently 6 .3.12 &6.4.2 are being build …


Correct - 2.06.r499.ge67a551a4-4 is working o.k.
May later versions forget to install “locale” or “update-grub” ((this is a packet in AUR too))
only local language problem now

grub package is fine. People only don’t install it properly to MBR/EFI after a grub update. You can search the forum why on Arch and Manjaro grub gets installed by default wrongly… Can't boot LUKS encrypted install after 2023-03-31 stable update - #95 by philm

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This is called “unstable” for a reason. After your post, my system received another update for the virtualbox modules. (No nvidia, because I don’t use them.)

Thats right. I followed the WIKI - but the Grub-menu is not in german anymore
echo $LANG | cut -d . -f 1

6.4.2-1 is working fine.

Mesa 23.1.3-3 all working again…?
Edit: Not really sure.

Hm, today I applied recent unstable updates and I got a non-booting system (black screen).
I could login via console and reverted to stable and everything working again.
So I’m gonna stay away from unstable for the next time.


Still ruins everything displayed by Google Chrome though.

it depends which kernel you used. for 6.4 series I patched a lot of new stuff for amdgpu in …

Since hwinfo was updated to version 23.1-1, manjaro-settings-manager does not launch as it needs libhd.so.22.

Downgrade to previous version of hwinfo fixes the issue for now.

(Rebuilt against current hwinfo and it works for me now.)

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Already rebuild, I just see… Mithrial

The rebuilt is already done. Please update manjaro-settings-manager (0.5.7-15 -> 0.5.7-16)


It’s not booting for me either even if I use latest 6.4 kernel

Please create a new Support topic then.

What message, errors are you getting, check journalctl?

I removed the AMDGPU HDR patches, which might created some regressions. Also they target more the Steamdeck …

Just to wrap up this part of the thread, PipeWire 0.3.73, which was released yesterday and is already in the unstable extra repository, fixes this issue. I no longer get continuous pipewire-pulse crashes with pavucontrol running.

Booting to black screen with latest kernel 6.4 and 6.1