[Unstable Update] 2022-11-25 - Mkinitcpio, NVIDIA, Qt, Gtk, SDL, LibreOffice, Cinnamon

Mhh, I saw this in branchcompare too.
But pacman.log says upgrade to this afternoon. On branch testing

The kernel itself is old. I know.
But its looks like that the kernel is still compatible with the rest of manjaro packages in the moment.
It is still in list on the top of this thread " Our current supported kernels.
In plasma “Kernel” it is still showing normal. No flag outdated.
I keep this EOL always for fallback/testing until there are “really” unsupported. I do not use them allday…

Guys, refresh your browser. We’re in the Unstable Update thread, not the Testing Update thread.


I’ve just downgraded all Mesa packages from 22.2.5-1 back to 22.2.4-1 for now.


intel uhd 630, as mentioned above, mesa 22.2.5 causes a boot hang on all kernels. Chroot-ing and downgrading to 22.2.4 brings it back up and running.

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perhaps, that mess caused by mesa also :laughing:

I don’t see 22.2.5 on mesa only 22.2.4 => 22.3 on Release Notes — The Mesa 3D Graphics Library latest documentation. anything special about this v22.2.5?


Hmm, need more info on what created the issue. Here the changes: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/compare/mesa-22.2.4...mesa-22.2.5?from_project_id=176&straight=false

I know this is for 22.3, but…

I had install mesa 22.2.5 again from cache. Again no boot to SDDM. It’s a VM. Not really important for me.

So what you need?

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Please create a new #support thread and…

xdg-desktop-portal 1.16.0-1 causes application crashes. If I run the faltpak apps from command line there seems to be no issue. I didn’t check if the issue was reported upstream already, but I would suggest not to push it down to other branches. Downgrading resolves it for now.

Can’t reproduce on GNOME in both a Xorg and Wayland session. Perhaps create a #support thread with more details.

In case of someone wondering : [Bug]: Zero GPU Acceleration on Wayland · Issue #36633 · electron/electron · GitHub

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The latest xfce pkg updates cause the taskbar to disappear (after reboot)

I just pushed libxfce4ui 4.18.0-1, does that help?

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xfce 4.18 is looking good here. I have no issue with the taskbar upon reboot. I had to change the font size in the clock on the panel/taskbar.

Is there a way to move “Restore Selected Items and Empty Trash” in the Trash folder to the top like I had it in Thunar 4.17 (self compiled)?

Edit: I see. I was thinking of it as a feature, but they had their reason(s), I guess:

Mesa issue with Intel graphics is fixed with 22.3.1-1

@Yochanan yes it helps, thx for pushing