[Unstable Update] 2022-08-19 - Kernels, LibreOffice, KDE Frameworks, AMDVLK, Qemu, KDE-git, Haskell, Python

Kernel 6. 0-rc1 a disaster. Abnormal splash screen, too long both ways. The machine does not reboot and requires a cold shut down. In Grub, there’s no splash for quiet splash.

Adding it has no effect after updating Grub.

Edit: Does not shut down either. Same as restart, stalls in the way too long splash screen.


Junior77, recently I tried to build ISO with 6.0 kernel to make a fresh installation. Many thanks for the feedback, now I’m preferring to use 5.19 kernel version in that image.

Initial RCs of a kernel tend to break or not boot in some cases. That is normal …


:information_source: Unsupported Electron packages have been dropped from the official repos to the AUR. They no longer receive security updates and nothing in the repos depend on them.

electron12, electron13, electron14 & electron16 have been dropped to the AUR. If you have packages depending on those versions, install the binary version from the AUR to replace them; i.e., electron16-bin.

See FS#75490 - electron12, electron13, electron14, electron16 are unsupported and vulnerable packages

End of Support for 15.x.y and 16.x.y

Electron 15.x.y and 16.x.y has reached end-of-support. As per Electron’s new 8-week cadence, we were supporting the latest four versions of Electron until May 2022. With this Electron 19 release, we’ll return to supporting the latest three major versions, as well as the alpha, beta, and nightly releases.

Release electron v19.0.0 · electron/electron · GitHub

I think etcher depends on electron12.

etcher has been dropped from the repos. There are better, faster programs that do not depend on Electron. See List of applications - ArchWiki

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Popsicle needs to be updated btw:

How do you figure? We have 1.3.0+47+gb02ebf5-1, not 1.3.0.

EDIT: It seems the Pop!_OS packages use later commits. They added SHA1 support, bumped some dependencies and updated a few translations since January. I just pushed 1.3.0+56+ge208056-1.


also give a spin to the ventoy app: it let you to forget to “burn” ISOs and just copy in any file manager instead and also you will forget to have only single ISO on a drive.
PS it supports many images but not every.

Ventoy is really useful. The only ISO that couldn’t be started with ventoy that I came across was ChromeOS.

Here is a workaround if suspend does not work on stable Kernels:

Power off / Reboot as no function if this is applied :confused:
… and network does not reconnect

With today’s update, does kwrite really conflict with kate now?

Yes. Apparently kate is replacing kwrite.


Anyone aware of requiring shellcheck package now for Konsole 22.08 on Plasma when wanting to use quick commands plugin?

Found that:

  • Don’t allow to run a script with errors or warnings. Commit.
  • Analyze the Quick Commands code with shellcheck. Commit.
  • Check if shellcheck exists. Commit.
  • Add a panel for shellsheck. Commit.

now kate provides both kate & kwrite, so win-win


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:information_source: Changes with Back In Time packages as of 1.3.2-3

  • backintime has been renamed to backintime-qt
  • backintime-cli has been renamed to backintime

After replacing backintime-cli with backintime, you will need to install backintime-qt manually if you want the Qt frontend installed again.

We we’re able to isolate the restart and shutdown issue. In Arch (June 1st ISO), the splash screen message on Kernel 5.19.3 (restart only) was about network and mirrors list refresh. We are not using Ethernet, turn it OFF in the BIOS removes the bug.

All is good now.

pacman -Qii linux60
Name : linux60
Version : 6.0.0rc2-1
Description : The Linux60 kernel and modules
Architecture : x86_64
URL : https://www.kernel.org/
Licenses : GPL2
Groups : None

After steam package replaced steam-manjaro, I had to mark the former as explicitly installed, since it was marked as orphan.

@clmbtti See testing note: