[Unstable Update] 2021-12-13 - Python 3.10 Rebuilds

Koshikas, Tribble I just got several updates of 5.90 to install and currently rejected to install updates.
I checked what I currently have:

~/Desktop ❯ cat /var/log/pacman.log | grep "5.90"
[2021-11-23T16:23:05+0300] [ALPM] upgraded ktextwidgets (5.88.0-1 -> 5.88.0.r424.g95e9014-1)
[2021-11-23T16:31:02+0300] [ALPM] downgraded ktextwidgets (5.88.0.r424.g95e9014-1 -> 5.88.0-1)
~/Desktop ❯ 

Oops: I have no any 5.90 components, 5.89 only. So, suspected-to-be-partial-5.90-update is not the reason of the issue I saw.

Looks like you’re using the unstable branch. Such is life. :stuck_out_tongue:

Arch trickles packages through as the maintainers update them. You can always wait until they’re done to update.

i know(sort of, phew). wouldn’t have updated if i noticed it earlier. hence why the early warning to the other folks here.

lil clarification, I’ve seen some package updates coming right from arch testing, while others only when promoted to arch stable while updating in Manjaro unstable branch. would be great if you can tell the process.

not raising unnecessary alarm, noticed it happening for months now, only this one was odd

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mmm, sorry but it seems manjaro unstable is quiet behind arch stable today and hardly any of the pending packages are coming through. is something down, perhaps for maintenance or something

Manjaro has a kde unstable repo, if you are willing to accept the fact it won’t have any type of curation. Otherwise, just wait a bit longer for those who are perusing that repo to iron out some bugs.

thought manjaro unstable branch meant no curation, i’ve even found stuff in arch unstable here(like the bash update yesterday)

That is as true as it gets, but there are always adjustments and tweaks, like overlays, for example. Manjaro isn’t Arch, so it isn’t just a matter of pulling from Arch.

i’m sorry keeping this a rally. i’m aware of overlays and syncs, the packages that i’m seeing delayed are of sync variety (to my understanding), which are supposedly synced with with arch every hour to manjaro repos. i’m only worried about delays because of the mantra that to keep unstable branch boxes trouble free is to keep them updated often and nothing else.

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hwdata replaces hwids, but systemd is still linked with hwids dependency.
For now, I cannot update my system. (and if I could, I would not want to break systemd…)

Current version of systemd is flagged out of date and next version is in Arch testing.
I’ll wait for it to go through Arch stable then Manjaro unstable.

:: Début de la mise à jour complète du système…
:: Remplacer hwids par core/hwdata ? [O/n] o
résolution des dépendances…
avertissement : impossible de résoudre « hwids », une dépendance de « systemd »
avertissement : impossible de résoudre « hwids », une dépendance de « systemd »
:: Le paquet suivant ne peut être mis à jour à cause de dépendances insolubles :

:: Voulez-vous ignorer le paquet ci-dessus pour cette mise à jour ? [o/N] o
recherche des conflits entre paquets…
erreur : la préparation de la transaction a échoué (la satisfaction des dépendances a échoué)
:: la suppression de hwids casse la dépendance « hwids » requise par systemd


@Yochanan do we have a situation of repos not being synced “properly” (that is from arch to manjaro unstable) of late. just askin’

Resolved with systemd 250.1-2 coming along shortly.

Yes, but not for long. I just woke up and am now playing catch-up. :coffee:


@Yochanan arch devs are in a hurry there, hmm. They’ve flagged 250.1-2 in the same day they last updated it to core, while 250.2-2 is in testing.

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I know that is not about Python 3.10 but actual unstable kernel 5.16 and 5.15.14 has regression with amdgpu and is not the firmware. I reported too in kernel.org.

The memclk stuck at 100%.
Tested too with the latest firmware, so is the kernel.


Edit 1:

The people of kernel.org closed the bug because says that is freedesktop/amd/drm.

Anyway. the update kernel 5.16.1 and 5.15.15 solves the bug, i don’t understand how, because the changelog of kernel.org no show nothing related with amdgpu or drm amd.

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The following message is now in the wikipost of the Jan 17 testing announcement,
as well as in the Jan 02 stable announcement.
There’s no wikipost in this Unstable announcement, so here’s the message:

Python packages from PIP and AUR - how to upgrade them - detailed instructions:
Read this post.

Hi :slight_smile:
There is an issue while upgrading jack2 and jack2-dbus:

Synchronizing package databases...
Warning: removing jack2 breaks dependency 'jack2' required by jack2-dbus
Add jack2-dbus to remove
Warning: removing jack2 breaks dependency 'jack2=1.9.20' required by lib32-jack2
Add lib32-jack2 to remove
Error: Failed to prepare transaction:
could not satisfy dependencies:
- removing jack2-dbus breaks dependency 'jack2-dbus' required by cadence,
- if possible, remove cadence and retry
Resolving dependencies...
Checking inter-conflicts...
Error: Failed to prepare transaction:
could not satisfy dependencies:
- removing jack2-dbus breaks dependency 'jack2-dbus' required by cadence,
- if possible, remove cadence and retry

Remove cadence, update then reinstall it.

After removing Cadence and update, when I’m trying to install Cadence back there is a warning:

Warning: removing pipewire-jack breaks dependency 'pipewire-jack' required by manjaro-pipewire
Add manjaro-pipewire to remove

I guess jack2 and jack2-dbus doesn’t like themselves with pipewire now :grin:

I’ve noticed that while updating, 5.10 realtime kernel was removed and 5.15 kernels (normal and rt) were installed.

I’ve removed 5.15 kernels and installed 5.10 rt again, and while installing Cadence, Pamac want to remove 5.10 rt and install 5.15 rt.

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