Free: Multiple unit options doesn't make sense

~/Desktop ❯ free -g
free: Multiple unit options doesn't make sense.
~/Desktop ❯ 

Since when it is an error?

~/Desktop ❯ which free
free: aliased to free -m

~/Desktop ❯ where free
free: aliased to free -m

~/Desktop ❯ pacman -Qi $(pacman -Qoq /usr/bin/free) | grep "Ver"
Version         : 3.3.17-1

Why to brake other free options by aliasing?

Another “since forever” thing that is commented out on my system.
There are others too, like cp, ls, and df (the cp one is permissable, along with ‘colors’)

#alias cp="cp -i"                          # confirm before overwriting something
#alias df='df -h'                          # human-readable sizes
#alias free='free -m'                      # show sizes in MB
#alias np='nano -w PKGBUILD'
#alias more=less

(Check out that more one … its even an executable in /usr/bin/more that is provided by util-linux package, and it is being aliased to less, an entirely different utility …)

But hey, maybe someone will care this time :woman_shrugging:


\free -g

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Which file contains the aliases?


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Would that only affect Bash or would it affect Fish also?


Aliases are disabled with bashrc-manjaro 5.1.016-2.

EDIT: This will not change your ~/.bashrc, it will only affect new users created / new installs.


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