[Unstable Update] 2020-09-13 - Kernels, Qt 5.15.1, Browser, Pamac

Pamac insists on removing user-manager when updating to Plasma 5.20 in Unstable. Is it normal? I’m hesitating to press “OK”.

I’ve seen the same question on my arch installation, so I’m inclined to say: yes.


Did you answer yourself?
Or to whom?

I did update my laptop to Plasma 5.20, but the cursor changes depending on what part of the desktop i place it.

Looking at the repos i see plasma-workspace is still at 5.19.5, so i guess that’s the missing piece of the puzzle?

I used to see something like that (not so much what part of the desktop, but what was underneath the cursor (a KDE app, a GTK app, or a plasmoid)) a while ago with the KDE-Dev -git packages, but that seems to have resolved itself with more recent updates. I expect that will resolve itself.

This freetype upgrade is causing ugly font rendering in XFCE, firefox and terminator terminal:

upgraded freetype2 (2.10.2-1 -> 2.10.3-1)
upgraded lib32-freetype2 (2.10.2-1 -> 2.10.3-1)

downgrading to 2.10.2-1 version fixes it.


Right, fonts in Plasma also started to look weird after this update.

it’s fine:

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Indeed much uglier in FF now


Didn’t notice anything in cinnamon. Chromium is also not affected it seems.

Must be this patch that got added I guess

svntogit-packages/0002-Enable-subpixel-rendering.patch at 68a744d932ddf1d218c687ed89f5742b57385bba · archlinux/svntogit-packages · GitHub

I proceeded with the update, and I don’t think you need to worry. You can still: add, remove, manage users, in System Settings - Manjaro - User Accounts.

I see they updated the package to 5.20, and everything is fine, that was quick, :wink:

everything fine in my slim plasma, just after rebooting from tty four apps got added to the panel and the favorites in application menu got changed, after fixing this and rebooted all ok

I have no problem with the upgrade of freetype2 and lib32-freetype2, at least I can`t see.

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Can anyone confirm if importing shortcuts scheme in Plasma work?

Nothing happens when I press the button.

Same here: clicking the button seems to have no effect.

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Had this too (Suu'd it to sync)

warning: sndio: local (20180120-1) is newer than community (1.7.0-3)

here too not working, but no fonts problem in my side

Strange you’re just seeing this, it happened more than 2 weeks ago to me:

Meh. I suppose it could have been from previously and I didnt handle it then :woman_shrugging:
(though it is in the repos from an arch packager … but does now seem to be an orphan on my system)

The font issue is also discussed on the arch bug tracker:


It looks like it is not a bug but a feature. Solution for me was to remove the folder $HOME/.config/fontconfig
I have no idea where this folder was coming from, but removing it fixes the ugly fonts.

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