Ungoogled-Chromium: libicui18n.so.69 is missing

/usr/lib/chromium/chromium: error while loading shared libraries: libicui18n.so.69: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

U-Chromium does not start because of the error above

I tried to reinstall icu, but the latest version is icu68 (not 69). What can i do here?

Thanks a lot in advance for any pointer.

Don’t update/install AUR packages that depend on icu before icu 69 hits the branch you are on.
Currently ICU 69 is only in unstable branch.

Hi @emninger,

Why don’y you use the .AppImage:

I have it and have absolutely no complaints.

Another option is also FlatPak. Although there I only see version 89.0.4389.114 I’m not sure this is correct or not.

I didn’t know about this funny package : ungoogled-chromium

Funny indeed ! It’s not even a fork, but a stuff depending on a Google project updates ! :crazy_face:

btw, why don’t you merely use Firefox ? :flushed:

Because Firefox does not work correctly with webrtc based conferencing tools …

I see that .appimage is at version 87… .

For the moment i went back to the previous version … (and i excepted ungoogled chromium from being updated)

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Well, no issues here with Firefox and Jitsi Meet or Nextcloud Talk.
Could it be related to webrender setup ? Firefox WebRender - #9 by nam1962

No, i do not think so. It’s problem which systematically appears in FF when it comes to transmit sound from third sources into the conference, images are transmitted correctly but the sound not. This does not happen with no Chromium based browser …

Btw, i have to use Big Blue Button (which essentially does not differ too much from jitsi).

I use Big Blue Button just fine on my Firefox setup, which is pretty default.

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You may ask BBB community…

How do you have installed it? Are you compiling from source?

What branch are you on?

If you have nothing relevant to the issue, don’t say it

  1. Read a thread when stepping in, would you have done so, you could grasp that the real issue is a non standard Webrtc problem between Firefox & BigBlueButton.
  2. admonishing is not polite.

@emninger : the Firefox trouble could also be due to the plugins you use.
Can you list them ?

grep -oP '},"name":"\K[^"]+' ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.*default*/addons.json

This test could also help:


[Edit] You can also check Pipewire is ok on your system as sound issues can happen if not, see second post on this thread:

Just related to missing icu 69 package is the fact that currently there is an update to megasync 4.4.0-3 that requires icu >= 69.1 which cannot be found. I am having AUR enabled.

At the same time, I found this icu 69.1-1 package, therefore, I am wondering what’s missing on my side?


My previous statement apply to all AUR packages that depends on ICU.

If you install prebuild packages for Arch this can happen