Unable to mount drives, unless chrooted

Since a while ago now updating to plasma 6 seems to have broken my system and I am unable to mount both my HDD drive (NTFS) and my windows drive (NTFS).
Seems like it has something to do with [Testing Update] 2024-04-04 - GNOME 46, Plasma, Qt, LibreOffice - #5 by philm but here they say that linux68 migrated FROM fuse to ntfs-3g, but I’ve been using ntfs-3g the whole time and am getting an error with fuse?

fuse: mount failed: Device or resource busy

Could anyone help me out here? I’ve been trying to get it fixed for a few months and downgrading the kernel is starting to feel more and more enticing.

Edit: I forgot to say that I have a live USB which I can mount. This is probably because it has an older kernel (and plasma 5).

They mean from ntfs-3g to ntfs3.

The biggest difference being that ntfs3 refuses to mount partitions marked with a dirty bit.

Whereas ntfs-3g will force-mount anyways.

Was the ntfs partition shut down properly and fully?

For example if it is a windoze system … is ‘fast startup’ disabled?
(this intentionally misleading phrase actually means windoze only hibernates … causing problems)

In any case … you will likely want to run the proprietary OS (or alternative like hirens) and use chkdsk.
Do not rely on tools like ntfsfix which will fix nothing but can potentially lead to further degradation.


Ok I don’t know if I am happy or mad right now, but changing ntfs-3g to ntfs3 fixed it.
I know about shutting down windows properly and everything and that was not the problem, especially since I was still able to mount both drives using a live environment.
Many thanks!

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