Unable to Change Logon Screen (SDDM)

Hi everyone. So I was theming a fresh install last night and all was going great until I got too the Logon theme (SSDM). No matter what I do I’m unable to change this.
The SSDM theme will be the same as the set Global Theme.
Does anyone have any idea’s as too why this is happening? Am I missing something obvious?

SDDM theme is defined in System Settings → Startup → Loginscreen (SDDM). It does not use the Global Theme thing, unless you press the sync button in this screen.

Are you sure you are not talking about the Lockscreen (which is not SDDM)?

I I searched, “Lockscreen” from ‘Start Menu’, then Configure and that changed my Lock Screen, after I went to change my Login Screen (SDDM) and it now enables me too change that ass well…

Okay, thank you :slight_smile:

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