Unable to boot after update

Hey all, I just had a post where I thought the issue was an fstab or crontab issue. That ain’t it. It seems to be after the latest update. I choose the latest kernel and I get to a black screen, that’s it. The only kernel I can load is 4.x.x. The others don’t let me do anything, even command line related. When I’m in the kinda working kernel, it doesn’t have WiFi, I need to test for wired but that’s gonna take me a bit. What else can I try or get for you guys to get further?

sddm bug in last update ?
in journalctl

Failed to read display number from pipe
Could not start Display server on vt 1

pass to tty2 and run startx or reload sddm sudo systemctl restart sddm and switch to tty1

I’m sorry, I read that stuff, have no idea what it’s try to say.